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Quality Materials and Installation Improve Home Resale Value

Roofing repair service

When Omaha, Nebraska, residents woke up at four in the morning to flash flood warnings on their phones, many nervous homeowners worried about the reliability of their roofing materials and the quality of their siding installation. While some Dupage County, Illinois, property owners had the same concerns as the summer rain storms of 2015 moved across the midwest, the home construction industry prepared to offer storm damaged homes reliable repairs and replacements.

While it may be tempting to concentrate on home siding colors when you are in the process of new construction or remodeling, the smartest homeowners realize that quality construction and installation must come before color choices. Even the highest quality materials will not function properly if they are not properly installed and inspected. When it come to roofing and siding choices, it is especially important to hire licensed, insured contractors. Residential roofing systems installed by certified contractors are worth the investment. In fact, some of the newest and highest quality roofing materials come with 50 year warranties.

In the case of home remodeling, wise homeowners look for energy savings with new windows and door replacements, and demand professional installation. For example, a replacement steel door or replacement front door can average a 97.2% return on investment. Low-e windows, for example, depending on how they are coated, can keep heat either in a house for a solar gain, or out of the house for a solar loss. An initial investment in quality products and installations, instead of just concentrating on home siding colors and other aesthetic decisions, will pay off for homeowners in the long run. In fact, when you sell a home, window replacement can recoup 73% to 77% of its original cost.

Siding choices are often even more important. Old, worn siding can subtract to a loss of 10% of your home’s value. In the worst cases, water damage from siding can bring mold and mildew problems through insulation and into a home, making for costly repairs. It is best to install the top industry standard recommended for you climate and location. For example, before spending any time talking about home siding colors, spend time talking to a contractor about the type of siding that performs best in your part of the country. For example, in some parts of the U.S. vinyl siding is the best choice. It is a time efficient choice for a home owner because it is low maintenance, and doesn’t require painting. In addition, vinyl siding has an average lifespan of 40 years when properly maintained.

Quality materials and installation are the key to a home that protects your family from the elements, as well as offering a strong resale value.

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