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How to Turn Your Musical Hobby into a Paying Career

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Do you wish that you could turn your love and enthusiasm for music into a career? There is a strong industry open to those with talent. In fact, employment of musicians and singers is projected to grow 3% from 2014 to 2024. While this is slower than the average for all occupations, it does show some increased growth. Choosing a career in music requires dedication. You have to put a lot of time and practice to make it more than just a hobby.

Practice on schedule

What is common among jobs? You have to spend so many hours per week at your job to profit from it. In fact, it is likely that you have some type of a strict schedule. You have to work on these specific days, from this hour until this hour. If you want to be serious about your music career, there should be some type of a working schedule. Many musicians only practice their skill when they are bored. Practicing on a strict schedule will ensure that you are putting enough time into your career. You are also likely to see your skill significantly increase with the added practice time.

Create a home studio

If you were an accountant working at home, you would have an office conductive to tax preparations. If you were a contractor, you would have a truck filled with construction equipment and materials. If you desire to be a professional musician, you will also need a home studio space. This is a space where you will store all of your musical equipment. It is also the place that you will do your bookings and bookkeeping of your current incomes. Creating a home studio for musical purposes might require a specialized studio with things like acoustical accent clouds and soundproofing walls, depending on how close your neighbors are.

Even though setting up your acoustical accent clouds and musical office will require some time and investment, it is important to your success. Consider it as a business startup cost. Using sound absorbing ceiling panels and acoustical accent clouds to block out noises can also protect those you live with from the loud sounds. However, you will find that you are able to practice more, without having to keep sounds low. Acoustic ceiling materials come in many designs and types, including decorative laminate and acoustic wall coverings. The process of soundproofing a room is accomplished using a combination of 4 tactics, adding mass, damping, decoupling, and filling air gaps. Design the perfect music studio that will also encourage you to spend more time practicing.

Develop a business plan

Turning your musical career into a business is a business. That means that it should also be handled like you would any similar business. Developing a business plan is an important step in building any business. Your business plan will include things like initial investment, schedules, and payment procedures. A thorough business plan will help you obtain funding for things like musical equipment and acoustical accent clouds. It will also keep you on track. Finally, a great business plan will prove to your potential customers that you are a legitimate business. Customers are more likely to hire you for their events and pay the prices that you request.

In 2014 alone, 173,300 people worked as musicians. Some of these artists barely made enough to pay for their musical equipment, while others made enough to quit their day job. Turning your musical talent into a paying career requires more than talent. It also requires business sense and a strict schedule. You have to treat your musical career as a second job, at least until you are able to turn it into a full time job that will also pay the bills. The best way to become serious about your music is to set up a strict musical schedule, create a home studio and office, and create an extremely detailed business plan. With enough dedication and persistence, you can finally make your musical career dreams come true.

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