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Innovative Building Materials Create a Lasting Deck

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When you are installing a deck on your home, there are many choices of deck building materials. To build a deck that will last, consider using innovative building materials. Over time, building materials have been improved and you are now able to find energy efficient building materials that can withstand summer sun and winter snow. Cedar decking is one of the innovative building materials to consider using for a deck or screen porch.

Cedar decking is part of the innovative building materials family because it is a natural material that is produced chemical free. Many home building materials cannot make this same claim. Whether you choose a cedar deck or cedar decking as flooring for your screened porch you are making a choice that will last. Most cedar decks will last ten to fifteen years with regular maintenance doubling the life expectancy when done correctly. Environmentally friendly building materials, another subset of innovative building materials, are also popular with consumers and cedar decking falls into this category as well.

While you may start with a basic deck and railing for you home, converting your deck to a screened porch will allow you to enjoy the outdoors pest free. Using innovative building materials for your deck will offer a solid foundation if you choose to add screening later. There are many options for windows, shade products, and patio materials if you decide to upgrade later.

No matter what project you choose for your home, a deck or a screen porch, you are making an investment that will add value to your property. The use of innovative building materials may be a better choice for a longer lasting structure. Your local hardware and home improvement stores can help you decide on the types of building materials that are right for you and your budget. References.

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