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How to Protect Your Home From Invasion

Commercial replacement doors have become more common in the United States as more people begin to become aware of how they can prevent home intrusion and protect themselves, their loved ones, and their homes. Commercial replacement doors often involve the installation of a commercial door lock, and present one viable and often very effective way to keep your home locked to those that should not be able to get in. This installation of commercial replacement doors is only one way to prevent a burglary or robbery from happening to you, but it can be an important one.

And residential break ins and robberies are all too common, with nearly thirty five percent of all robbers so bold as to enter directly through the front door, something that is likely to be able to be prevented with the door installation of commercial replacement doors. As the vast majority of break ins – more than sixty percent of them – take place during daytime hours while the home owner or home owners are typically away at work, commercial replacement doors help to keep a home safe from intrusion even when no one is there to guard and protect it. With as many as two million total burglaries reported every single year all across the United States (coming down to a burglary nearly every ten seconds – thirteen to be exact), prevention methods such as hiring locksmiths to inspect the security of your home (in particular, your doors), has become widely popularized as more and more people suffer in the aftermath of a burglary or a robbery.

It is important to know your risks of burglary, which will vary depending on factors such as the neighborhood that you live in and the type of property that you live on. For instance, renters are much more likely to experience a home invasion resulting in a robbery or a burglary than home owners are. In fact, data and statistics show that renters have an increased chance of becoming the victims of a home invasion by as much as eighty five percent. However, this does not mean that home owners – those who directly own a property and do not pay rent to a landlord who owns it – are not at any risk at all. Burglaries can happen to any property, no matter what the location or the type of property that it is, and it is important to be as prepared as possible just in case of the worst case scenario.

It is also important that the safety measures that you decide to take, from installing a deadbolt to installing commercial replacement doors, are done so thoroughly and effectively, even by a professional if necessary. After all, security measures that are not properly installed are not likely to be able to protect you in the event that a home invasion or a burglary is attempted. As nearly ten percent of all deadbolts installed in the United States are installed incorrectly, getting a professional opinion or hiring a professional to install the security device in the first place is often recommended.

Burglary is a scary thing, and many people don’t even like to consider the possibility of it actually happening to them. But burglary and home invasion becomes a reality for all too many people in all parts and places of the United States – and can often be prevented through measures of home protection. These measures are hugely important, and should be installed as soon as possible after moving into a home or even an apartment or a condo. Burglary and home invasion are frightening prospects, it is true, but they are not destined to happen to you. You can take steps to prevent them, and these steps are likely to be very effective, especially if you consult a professional locksmith or other person learned in how to prevent such crimes.

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