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How Installing a Door Can Help Fortify Your Home

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A home ought to a sanctuary; the one place where someone can feel completely comfortable. When a home break in occurs, that peace of mind is shattered and no place can feel safe. The FBI reports that there were nearly 2 million burglaries in 2013 which resulted in $4.5 billion in property loss — 74% of these were residential properties. Experts suggest that there is a home break in every 13 seconds in the United States. Here are ways to prepare yourself and decrease your risk of a home break in.

Who Is A Target?

Studies show that home renters are actually 85% more likely to experience a home break in than homeowners. Shockingly, up to 63% of residential break ins occur during the day when most people are away. Over a third of all burglaries see the thieves enter through the front door of a home with 59% of break ins are the result of forced entry. Thieves know the consequences and risks for their behavior, which is why it is often a game of outsmarting them: in 10% of homes deadbolts may be improperly installed, thus allowing thieves to easily enter a home.

Installing a Door for Security

Security is one of those odd things that you only want if there has been an issue. Installing a door with advanced security features can help deter thieves from your home. In addition, a locksmith service can replace locks and help to fortify your home if you have uneasy suspicions that you may be a target. Businesses that have been targeted in the past should install several commercial door locks or find a sturdy commercial replacement door. Different types of keys can be uniquely crafted to customize your home or business’ security to your needs. Prevention is the key to becoming a victim; secure your home to maintain the peace of mind that we all deserve.

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