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A Burglary Occurs Every 13 Seconds How To Keep Your Home Safe

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Your home is your castle! It’s where you cook, raise your children and tuck into bed after a long day to get a restful night’s sleep. When that safety is threatened, be it from an electrical fire or from bad weather, you use every resource available to protect what’s yours. When it comes to thievery, commercial door locks are designed to deter would-be burglars with quality and durability. If you’re not sure about the capability of the locks on your windows and doors, read below to learn more about security statistics, common patterns in burglary and the simple steps you can take to keep your possessions safe from prying hands.

Security Statistics In The U.S.

Did you know that there were over one million burglaries in 2013 alone? Statistics show that residential burglaries accounted for over 70% of burglary offenses, with over 60% of break-ins taking place during the day. Renters are also a lot more likely to be the victims of burglary, at a whopping 85% more than non-renters. With burglaries taking place at an estimated every 13 seconds in the U.S., lock companies work day and night to figure out patterns in crime and the best ways to reduce the chances of theft.

Thieving Patterns And Rates

There are useful patterns that can help you keep track of the different ways that thieves use to break into your home. It’s been found over a third of break-ins are through the front door as well as nearby windows. Burglars don’t often stay in the home long and are most likely to take possessions such as purses, cameras, computer equipment and keys. While it’s useful to keep your precious items out of immediate reach, such as in a locked closet or safe, it’s most important to make it so a wannabe intruder can’t break into your home in the first place.

How To Keep Your Home Safe

A locksmith can help you make different types of keys, as well as keys duplicated for commercial doors, which will ensure that if your purse is stolen you can still get home with ease. Installing a door with powerful commercial door locks built to withstand pressure will go a long way in creating peace-of-mind when you’re away. Last, but not least, homeowner’s insurance will ensure that if a break-in does occur you’ll be able to replace your belongings at little to no cost. Double-checking with a locksmith, installing commercial door locks and keeping these steps in mind will go a long way at keeping thieves at bay!

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