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Choosing an elevator maintenance company, Signs that elevator needs repair, When should my elevator be repaired

How Often Does My Home Elevator Need to Be Serviced?

You might have thought choosing an elevator for a home would be the most difficult aspect of the elevator installation process. In fact, once you have added one to your home you’ll have to go through the process of choosing an elevator maintenance company. Elevator maintenance is absolutely essential to safe and reliable operation.

How Long Does It Take to Install an Elevator?

The length of time it takes to install an elevator actually depends on the type of elevator. A hydraulic elevator can take up to a month to properly install. An accessibility lift takes a bit less time, averaging about two weeks.

How Frequently Should Elevator Get Maintenance?

In general a personal use elevator should be serviced once a year. However an elevator that is showing signs of malfunction will need to be serviced right away, even if its last maintenance check was less than a year prior. Another sign is if the elevator stops just before the floor. This is an indicator that the cables are not working as well as they once did.

Signs an Elevator Needs Maintenance.

An elevator is able to move between five and 20 miles per hour, with home elevators being on the slower end. One sign that an elevator needs to be checked by a technician is if it begins to travel much more slowly than normal. Other indicators are unusual sounds, such as squeaks, grinding, or other noises not often heard from the machine.

When to Replace or Repair an Elevator.

An elevator does not last forever. A home elevator that is 20 years or older might benefit from being upgraded to a new model. Technology is improving all the time. Elevators, while safer than some other forms of electric transportation, have greatly improved over the last 100 years. If an elevator is showing signs of slowing down, stopping before the correct floor, or making terrible noises, it might need a full replacement instead of a repair.

An elevator that receives steady maintenance will last between 20 and 30 years on average. As home elevators can be expensive, it is certainly worth it to take your time choosing an elevator maintenance company.

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