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Explore Your Options Bamboo Flooring with Matching Accessories

Solid strand bamboo flooring

If you’re planning to tear up your rugs and put in wood flooring, you have probably been looking at different types of wood. In addition to the wood’s color, texture, and design, you also want to consider the quality of the wood. When it comes to having a quality wood floor, you want to know about the Janka rating system.

Wood Flooring and Janka Ratings

In order to determine whether a wood is hard enough for its intended purposes, you want to refer to the Janka ratings. Floors need to be able to withstand a considerable amount of traffic. Wood cabinets, cupboards and wood furniture will require different levels of hardness.

Since there are different colors of bamboo flooring available, you may want to have it installed in each room of your house, including the bedrooms. Color palettes range from light to dark, with a variety of textures and patterns.

While most hardwoods have an average Janka level of approximately 1450, there are variations. Consider the average Janka ratings for these types of wood flooring:

  • Northern Red Oak: 1290
  • North American Hard Maple: 1450
  • Brazilian Cherry: 2800

If you’re considering Trinity brand solid stand bamboo flooring, however, you may be interested to learn that it has a higher average Janka rating:

  • Natural Solid Strand Bamboo: 3780
  • Carbonized Solid Strand Bamboo: 3646

One of the obvious benefits to using a harder, denser wood on your floors is that it isn’t prone to denting as other woods. This means that furniture can also be rearranged without worrying about ruining your floor. Furthermore, if you have a large groups of family and friends, bamboo can handle a considerable amount of traffic

Matching Bamboo Flooring Accessories

Depending on each room’s configuration, and whether or not you have stairs, you may need these custom-made flooring accessories:

  • Stair risers
  • Stair treads
  • Base shoe
  • End cap

When you contact Trinity Bamboo, you will be able to order free flooring samples. At that time you can inquire further on the different types of bamboo flooring and matching bamboo flooring accessories. Trinity Bamboo will also be able to provide you with more information on the benefits of having bamboo floors and how to keep them well-maintained.

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