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The Five Best Backyard Accents

Are you considering upgrading your backyard, yet you’re unsure which ones might bring you the best ROI (return on investment?) According to ELocal, one of the best backyard investments a homeowner can make is to contact one of the local landscaping companies and ask them to trim your lawn regularly. A well-maintained lawn will improve the appearance of your backyard. The same website predicts an attractive lawn can result in a landscaping ROI of over $650.

When it comes to the yard landscaping contractors may have some ideas for improving the appearance of your yard or garden. Contractors often have pictures from past projects, which might give you some good ideas. For example, you may see a picture of a gazebo you like or other backyard centerpiece ideas.

One of the best yard decorations you can choose might include a vegetable garden with a decorative fence. This will provide you with regular outdoor activity and with healthy vegetables from your garden. You might decide to install a home garden decoration like a fountain or a gazebo. These additions can transform your backyard into a serene and enjoyable space where you can enjoy the garden and lawn for endless hours.

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A backyard is a homeowner’s own private outdoor getaway. Completely personable, the right accoutrements can make every trip to the backyard like a personal vacation. These are five of the most popular backyard accents.


No top five list would be complete without the mention of a pool. America’s favorite way to beat-the-heat comes in above-ground and in-ground varieties, with hundreds of personalizable features. Pools are costly to install, and they require continued maintenance in order to keep them running. Naturally, pools are only used for half of the year.

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A solid wood or metal fence can clearly designate the borders of your backyard kingdom. Around $51 billion dollars of income was generated by the U.S. fence industry every year. With around 99,939 businesses in the United States, fencing has become a popular staple of the American backyard. Privacy fences neatly conceal your backyard from watchful eyes, making fence installation a must if you want to truly enjoy any of the other accents on this list in privacy.

A backyard deck or patio gives you and your guests a designated spot to relax outdoors without having to actually get dirty. Nearly 40 million decks in America are over 20 years old, but the popularity of wood decks is expected to grow with the industry at a rate of 2.2% annually from 2007 to 2017. Additionally, a wood deck is seen as a strong investment with an average of around 87% of the original investment returning to the homeowner.

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There is little that beats the majesty and calm of a backyard pond. Decorated with water fixtures and stocked with fish and plants, a backyard pond is a suitable option for those with nice weather year-round. Keep in mind however that the water must be properly circulated and carefully watched, as such ponds can act as breeding grounds for mosquitos and other insects.

A wooden gazebo acts as a beautiful centerpiece to any backyard. People have gotten married outdoors in gazebos because of their simplistic beauty and the shade they offer in the summer months. Gazebo construction can be fully customized right down to the design and type of woods used. If you have the space for it in your backyard, you might consider contacting a gazebo construction company for a quote.


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