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Apartments norfolk va, Norfolk apartments for rent

Finding the Perfect Apartment

Apartments norfolk va

Long before the modern days of hunting for Norfolk apartments for rent, apartment living had origins tracing all the back to Ancient Rome and Egypt. Today, apartment options and amenities include pools, on site gyms, laundry facilities, and tennis courts. Back in ancient times, however, amenities were a bit more limited. In Rome for example, large apartment like buildings were reserved for the lower and middle class Romans, also known as plebes. Class segregation did not end with the Romans. In 10th century Egypt, seven stories tall high rises housed more than 200 people. As industrialization surfaced during the 19th and 20th centuries, apartments known as tenements sprang up in urban areas all over the world. These buildings or groups of buildings, often referred to as ghettos, offered poor but inexpensive living conditions for laborers, immigrants, or outlaws. Apartment living continued to grow in popularity around the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th century. As such, apartment living took on different iterations and appealed to a variety of demographics.

Today, there are nearly 100 million renters in the United States with a variety of housing options to choose from. Apartments Norfolk VA can be bought or rented. Styles include condos, co ops, townhouses, or flats. Norfolk apartments for rent also range in budget and type of unit. For example, Norfolk apartments for rent can be labeled luxury and be priced as high as $2,500 per month. Other downtown norfolk apartments for rent can fall into the more affordable range, and be priced around $400. Of course, the rent prices also correlate not only to amenities and location, but also to the size of Norfolk apartments for rent. Norfolk apartments for rent can have as many as four or more bedrooms, or can be as small as an efficiency studio.

Statistics cite the increase of people looking for rentals is due to several factors. First, the sub prime mortgage fallout and housing bubble from a few years ago has urged some homeowners to seek a less costly option. In lieu of owning a home and paying a mortgage, for example, along with maintenance costs, property taxes, and alike, many people are seeking a lower maintenance (and sometimes lower cost) option such as Norfolk apartments for rent. Another popular trend that is attracting people to Norfolk apartments for rent are retirees seeking a down sized home. There are Norfolk apartments for rent that are available with all of the lawn care and maintenance taken care of for its residents, and also many Norfolk apartments for rent are in planned communities that offer a friendly, comfortable neighborhood atmosphere.

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