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Fencing What Are Your Priorities?

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When you’re thinking about purchasing a fence, there are many things to consider. Fences are great because they can simultaneously perform several functions at once. They can make your property look classy as well as prevent intruders and promote privacy. There are plenty of fence style choices depending where your fence priorities lie. Styles include: wood fence styles, aluminum fences, chain link fences, decorative fences, metal fences, modern fences etc. Making a thoughtful choice about fencing could benefit you for years to come.

The many facets of fences:

They protect your home and garden from inquisitive eyes. Fences provide seclusion and privacy. According to zoning committee experts, 80% to 90% of fences are ‘stockade fences,’ meaning they are put up for the purposes of privacy.

The keep out intruders, or at least hinders them. For the most part, fences keep intruders away, unless an intruder is especially agile, in which case, the fence will still slow them down considerably and increase the probability of them being caught and kicked off the property.

They keep animals and children within safe boundaries. Fences keep play time for your children and pets safe and secure. They stay inbound and you stay sane.

They demarcate your real estate. They define the boundaries between you and your neighbor. This can be especially helpful if your neighbor’s dog keeps doing its business on your lawn for example.

They raise your curb appeal. Classy looking aluminum or wood fence styles can improve the curb appeal of your home while also offering a return of investment of around 65%.

The fence industry generates an estimated $51 billion dollars of revenue. People certainly understand the benefits of putting up a fence. It’s therefore important to figure out what you want most out of having one. What does your property require? What does your family require? What would you prefer it to look like? How do installation and maintenance costs change depending on what kind of fence it is? Answering these questions will help you find the fence that will keep your property and your family happy for a long time.

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