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Construction sand, What are rockery rocks used for

Different Types of Rocks Can Serve a Variety of Purposes in Your Hardscaping Areas

Maintaining the landscaping for a home or a business can be a challenge, especially when it comes time to landscaping. It should be no surprise then that there are a growing number of property owners who are looking at ways to make the outside of a home or a business look great with little to no maintenance.

Finding the right color of washed gravel, for instance, can help fill a large space that otherwise might be filled with difficult to trim and maintain plants and ground cover. In parts of the country where there are limits on watering a yard or plants, river rock for landscaping also offers a way to make sure that you do not have to use too much water.

Rockery Rocks Provide Interesting Ways to Fill Hardscape Areas
Although there may have been a time when the only kind of sand and gravel at a home might have been construction sand, the fact of the matter is that there is an increasing tendency to move from traditional landscaping to easier to maintain hardscaping. Knowing when to use drainage gravel and when to use washed gravel is not always easy if you do not work with a professional, but once you have their advice you should be able to create some of your own easy to maintain outdoor spaces.

Consider these facts and figures about the use of construction sand, decorative rocks and other hardscaping materials that continue to grow in popularity:

  • In addition to helping contain moisture, a single one-inch layer of small rocks can also provide good weed control, according to the 2017 Houzz Landscape Trends study.
  • 38% of home owners are upgrading their pathways, driveways, patios, and terraces by using gravel or crushed rock.
  • Fertility and texture are the two basic features that are used to evaluate soil.
  • Usually between two and eight inches thick, topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil.
  • Measuring one to two inches in diameter, river rock is a popular type of smooth gravel.
  • Landscaping can increase the resale value of a home by as much as 14%.

Home maintenance can be complicated, but the outdoor maintenance can be especially difficult. Finding the right way to transform difficult to maintain traditional landscaping into a more versatile hardscaping space is one of the best ways to make your tasks easier and less time consuming.

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