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Residential Doors And Windows Have A Lot To Live Up To Making Sure Your Homes Are Hurricane Safe

What are your customers often asking you about as a home contractor?

Do they worry more about their home’s value or do they inquire about energy-efficient possibilities? For those that live in rough climates both of these can take a back seat to basic safety. As a home contractor you have a lot to achieve in every consultation, addressing every problem in the hopes of preventing the worst. Wholesale windows and doors are, ideally, designed to fulfill many of these obligations in one place. Anything less and you’re risking losing your customers to more conscientious competition.

While there’s a lot to consider when signing on with a contracting job, let’s take a look at safety factors. Sliding glass door manufacturers and window designers alike need to achieve certain qualities if their products are to hold up against the elements.

Several places in the United States have been hit with bad weather. Some locations see it happening on a yearly basis. A single hurricane has the ability to stir up millions of miles of air and has the ability to dump over two and a half trillion gallons of rain in a day. Homes may seem sturdy on the outside, but they can be ripped up in a matter of minutes with strong enough weather. Your job as a home contractor is to create a safe haven for your residents, even should the worst not come to pass.

Impact window manufacturers have come a long way. Even then, weather does its best to test us. During the 20th century over 150 hurricanes hit the United States, with the majority blowing through Florida and Texas. To this day Hurricane Irma is the most powerful Atlantic hurricane — it was a Category 5 storm with a staggering 185 mile-per-hour wind that lasted for over a day. Scientists have estimated Hurricane Irma held seven trillion watts of energy, which is twice as much as all bombs used in World War II.

That’s not all you have to consider when talking to sliding glass door manufacturers. 2017 alone spawned a stunning 10 storms in a row that became hurricanes, a feat that hadn’t been seen since the late 1800’s. Much of what we know to be true is either underappreciated or outright inaccurate, which makes your job all the more important. You have to provide homeowners a safe outlet in a pinch. Luxury sliding glass doors not only look beautiful, but are able to keep from breaking or bending.

This goes for doors, windows, and any sort of protective sliding covering. Weather is tough, but human ingenuity is always rising to meet it. Window and door systems with an impact-resident glazing system of +105/-130 are able to stand strong against 100 mile-per-hour winds. Sliding glass door systems remain popular in many residential areas for their ease of use. They’re also beloved for allowing residents to enjoy the view without worrying about losing heat or inviting insects.

Even should you have strong door and window supplies on hand? It never hurts to check for an update with your sliding glass door manufacturers. Condos in Florida are required to undergo a public inspection every few decades to ensure they’re up to code. This is more than enough time for residential materials to prove old or inefficient. The Florida Building Code (or FBC) requires windows to be impact-resistant if located within just one mile of the coast.

Do you know what to look for in hurricane proof windows and sliding glass door manufacturers? Double-check now so you can provide your customers with a back-up plan later.

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