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At Construction Sites or While Camping, Safety Always Matters

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is incredibly important in keeping employees and companies safe while at work. At construction sites, for instance, regulations set by this administration must especially be followed. This is because these sites can be extremely dangerous, if the proper policies and procedures are not followed.

For example, OSHA even has specific rules and regulations regarding cranes. These machines must be assembled on firm ground. The ground should be drained and have an appropriate grade, to prevent any slipping and sliding of the machine. Plus, support materials, such as steel crane pads, ground mats, and plastic cribbing, should be used along with the crane. This helps to maintain stability and support with the crane, keeping workers safe.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, or ASME, is another organization that helps to maintain specific procedures and guidance to companies. This organization further expands on the previous OSHA example regarding cranes, by supplying specifications for the methods in providing support to cranes.

ASME reports that these outrigger blocking and plastic cribbing blocks must be sufficiently strong. If they are to be effective in preventing accidents and workplace injuries, they should be strong enough to be effective at this. They must be able to prevent crushing and bending. They must also support the float, which requires that they be at appropriate dimensions — that is, width, length, and height. If the outrigger block and cribbing are at the appropriate dimensions, they will also be able to sufficiently transfer heavy loads to supporting surfaces, while preventing shifting, toppling, or any excessive unsettlement under the heavy load.

These types of safety equipment and rules are important for campers, too. If you enjoy RV camping — or are one of the nine million American households that own an RV — it is important to invest in camper jack pads. These help to maintain the safety of your campsite, providing stability to the camper itself. By ensuring you have obtained the proper safety equipment, and are following important rules such as keeping the RV camper on level and dry ground, you can be confident that your campsites are always safe. That leaves you with more time to enjoy the trip!

Thanks to OSHA, ASME, and their relevant regulations, we can be kept safe at potentially dangerous sites. With the use of appropriate safety equipment, construction workers and campers alike are able to remain confident in their safety!

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