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Are You Risking A Fire In Your Home?

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Is your home just moments away from bursting into flames? Danny Vanzandt, 65, apparently died from burns after mysteriously catching fire in his home. The area around him was left unscathed. The muddled circumstances surrounding his death have officials throwing out some pretty off-the-wall theories, with spontaneous combustion being one of the top runners. We are not all Danny Vanzandts, however. If a fire starts in your home, it’s likely to be for one of these three reasons.

A Lot Of People Just Don’t Know How To Cook

“When a pot or pan overheats or splatters greases, it can take seconds to cause a fire. Stay in the kitchen when cooking, especially if using oil or high temperatures; most kitchen fires occur because people get distracted and leave their cooking unattended,” Reader’s Digest explains. The publication also recommends keeping any cloth or paper products, such as napkins or potholders well away from hot stove tops. Make sure kitchen fire suppression systems or automatic fire suppression systems are regularly maintained and inspected as well.

Bad News: Your Christmas Tree Is Highly Flammable

Christmas trees — and similarly Christmas decorations — actually start a considerable amount of house fires. There are a couple reasons for this. First, some homeowners simply do not water their tree enough, making it dry, brittle, and highly flammable.

Your Wiring Is Dangerously Old

Old wiring is a hazard — and it can even be a deadly one, too! “Older homes and apartments can have inadequate wiring … a fire and an electrical hazard,” according to Reader’s Digest. If lights dim when you use another outlet, for example, consider replacing wiring and make sure to team up with fire alarm monitoring services.

Fire alarm system components and fire alarm monitoring services should be your best friend, especially if you have bad wiring or if you are likely to have some mishaps in the kitchen. More information like this. Find more on this here.

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