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Why Foundation Repairs Need to be Prioritized

Crawl space leak repair

Disaster always strikes when least expected, unfortunately that can mean the worst for families. In 2013 alone, water damage accounted for over a quarter of all insurance loss claims in America. Over 98% of homes and businesses will experience some form of water damage at some point. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) states that floods are the highest disaster in America, resulting in over $3 billion in claims every year. Preparation is the best way to prevent flood damage, call a basement waterproofing contractor to determine how protected your home is.

Flood Prevention

There are numerous steps a homeowner can take to ensure their home is protected from unexpected flooding. The soil surrounding a home’s foundation ought to slope at least six inches per every 10 horizontal feel to help direct water away from the home. Having plants at least two feet from the foundation can also help direct water as long as the plants are low enough. Many families invest in sump pumps, which can last up to 30 years depending on the model. Most water enters the home through cracks in the foundation; if your foundation has cracks wider than a quarter of an inch wide, or if you have cracks in stair step blocks, then you are in need of serious foundation repairs. Basement foundation repairs can be done fairly quickly and are much cheaper than repairing a water damaged basement.

Flood Damage

If your family experiences a flood, all organic materials like bedding, towels, and upholstery that have been damaged need to be removed and dried within 48 hours before mold sets in. Carpets and floors ought to be quickly dried as well and professionally cleaned. Basements can sometimes harbor water for days after a flood if there is no proper drainage; this water must be removed from the wet basement. Many insurance companies have policies that cover water damage, make sure your family is protected in case of the worst. Read more articles like this.

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