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Handicap Bathrooms for the Handicapped

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Handicap bathrooms are bathrooms that are designed specifically for handicapped people. A handicapped bathroom usually offers grab bars in the shower and tub and next to the toilet. If the person using the bathroom has a wheelchair or has limited mobility, then grab bars must be installed on both sides of the toilet to help assist with standing and lowering. To meet accessibility, the toilet must be at least 17 inches tall.

Some ideas for bathroom remodeling include handicap bathroom remodeling costs, bathroom remodeling design. Investing in a bathroom remodel will most likely yield a 62% return. Handicap bathrooms have definitive challenges for anyone who uses wheelchairs or walkers, or those who have mobility problems. If you are modifying a bathroom for a person using a wheelchair or a walker, you need to make sure the doorway to the bathroom is large enough for them to comfortably enter.

Part of remodeling handicap bathrooms to make them handicap-friendly means expanding the doorway to about 36 inches wide to accommodate a turn from a hallway to the bathroom. Once the handicapped person is inside the bathroom they need enough space to turn around completely with their walker or wheelchair. This radius is typically 60 inches of clear space in the center of the bathroom. Handicap bathrooms need a sink that is open underneath so that the wheelchair can wheel right up to it. Faucets in handicap bathrooms must have lever handles that can be turned without needing to grasp them or a touch-operated faucet.

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