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Why Does My Air Conditioning System Keep Making Funny Noises When I Turn It On?

Air conditioning installation

Winter is just about over. Spring is on the way and, with it, a mess of pollen, wind and rain. Is your air conditioning system up to the task? Your air conditioning company will no doubt have plenty of advanced models up for sale, but whether or not you would benefit from a brand new installation depends on a few different factors. While our machines are built to last, the test of time and constant use can see them become inefficient with you none the wiser. Check the warning signs by looking at the list below and determining just what you need to approach the new season with a pep in your step.

Fast Facts

The majority of American households boast at least one air conditioning system. A recent survey estimated as many as two-thirds, with some still preferring furnaces or portable models in lieu of a central system. Air conditioners use a whopping 5% of all the electricity produced in the country. Switching to a high efficiency model will not only yield faster results, it can save you money on your energy bills further down the line.

It Takes Too Long To Cool Or Heat Your Home

A surefire sign your air conditioning is no longer up to snuff is its inability to do its job quickly. This can be a sign you’re overdue on maintenance repairs or an obvious factor toward an old machine that needs to be replaced. Nearly 20% of homes built during the 1980’s were found to have air conditioning equipment up to 20 years old. Once your system starts hitting a decade it’s prudent you reach out to an air conditioning company for a consultation. Remember to keep your windows and doors closed to encourage the maximum amount of comfort from your system.

You Hear Strange Noises Whenever You Turn Your AC On

Every air conditioning system will make a low, mild noise to let you know it’s working. Anything louder than that, though, and you likely have a problem on your hands. Strange clanking, chugging or banging is a sign your system’s parts are out of sync, which can easily become worse if left unchecked for too long. Back in 2010 air conditioning, fans and related equipment were involved in over 7,000 reported home structure fires. A simple check-up with your local air conditioning repair company will go a long way in keeping you safe.

You’ve Noticed A Significant Dip In Your Air Quality

Does your air seem worse after you turn your air conditioning on? Not only is your AC system designed to heat or cool your home at the touch of a button, it’s supposed to encourage a higher air quality by circulating out harmful, irritating airborne contaminants. Excessive dust, for one, is a sign of leaky ducts and can be easily swapped with the aid of a professional. If you smell anything smoky or vaguely sweet it’s also possible a part has come loose and started a major problem. Don’t take chances with your system and talk to your air conditioning company about an air conditioning service if you notice these signs.

Making A Repair Or Making The Switch To A New Model

Which one do you need in order to properly enjoy what spring and summer have to offer? Leaky ducts, clogged filters and mild inefficiency can likely be fixed with a quick check-up. An air conditioner repair service is the best resource to channel when you have doubts about your system’s ability to hold up to extreme weather, able to provide consultation and go through the motions to bring it back up to speed. Others, however, may very well need to make the switch to a new model to avoid losing more money. Air conditioning systems over 15 years old or systems that frequently break down are prime signs you need a modern model.

Warm weather and plenty of rain is on the way. Make sure your air conditioning company is on-hand so you don’t dread a good thing.

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