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What To Expect When Painting Your House

Painting your home’s exterior won’t take as long as you think, especially if you’re concerned that the project is going to last for weeks. A local painter might have lots of other jobs to complete, especially if it’s a busy enough season. Still, these professionals can paint for you fairly rapidly, since they’re usually used to working under a deadline. The actual painting work itself might only take a few days. If they can only paint on the weekends, the task might not be completed for a full month. They may only need to add a few finishing touches to the paint towards the end, however.

Most exterior paint jobs aren’t especially complicated, even if you’re looking for exterior wood accents. It’s typically easy to spot signs of light house colors fading, but adding another coat of paint can immediately solve that problem. Painting shutters can be a delicate process. Still, there aren’t many shutters on any house. If you’ve decided on a “shutter color for grey house,” the house painters can begin that part of the job almost instantly. Most people will want their shutters to be slightly darker than the rest of the house, which narrows down their list of options.

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Whether you want to redo the interior or exterior of your house, the first step should be obvious: a new paint job! Painting can entirely change the ?feeling? of a room or an entire home, creating a more inviting presence and in some cases even boosting the home?s overall value. By hiring painting services to help you remake your home?s core ?look?, you?re not only changing the aesthetic, but expressing your personality. So: what should you keep in mind when considering interior and exterior painting services?

1. Color

Color is one of ? if not the ? most important factors to consider when choosing how to paint the interior or exterior of your home. For example, exterior painting services will often request that you think of exterior paint colors in terms of threes. One color is for the main body, another is for the trim, and the third is a ?punch? that accentuates doors and shutters. These colors don?t have to be dramatically different, and can simply be different shades (though it?s important to check and see if your neighborhood has exterior color requirements for residential buildings). Interior painting allows for a bit more freedom with color; in fact, the world authority on color, Pantone, has recently announced that their favorite color of 2015 is the bold, wine-red Marsala. The sky is the limit when it comes to color, and you should feel free to think more about expressing yourself than sticking to convention.

2. Paint Type

One of the greatest advantages of hiring professional painting services versus trying an amateur paint job yourself is that professional painting services can advise you as to what kind of paint is best suited for your needs. The different factors to consider include shine level, durability, and even toxicity (some paints remain more toxic than others). The paint type you choose for exterior painting, for example, will need to withstand everything from pressure washing to the environment; and conversely, interior paint types need dry quickly and smoothly, with little to no running or dripping.

3. Where And When

You can?t simply say that you want your house painted and expect the job to be done within a day. Be prepared to, if extensive interior painting is being done, have secondary accommodations to live in until the work is finished. This may also extend to exterior paint jobs, depending on the advice of your painting service. Another factor to consider is the time frame. As most paint can only handle temperatures 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above, plan on having work done during warmer weather. Furthermore, while exterior latex paint takes only two to three hours to dry ? compared to oil paint that takes four hours to dry ? remember the extent of the work that will have to be done, and factor in more time for extra layers of paint.

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