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What to Do If You Have Bees in Your Home


There are a lot of pests that are always looking to make themselves at home in your home. Many of these are bugs. There are bed bugs, bees, termites and other insects that would love to come inside. While bees are very important to agriculture and are an important part of many ecosystems, most people do not want them setting up home in your house. They can do a lot of damage and can be dangerous, especially for people who are allergic. Before you call in a bee removal service, there are some steps you can take to get them out of your home.

Do not do this on your own if you are allergic to bees.

Bee stings can be deadly for people who are allergic. If that is you, you should not try to rid your home of your bees yourself. You should call in a professional bee removal service to handle the job for you. The venom bees inject can cause your throat or lips to swell and cause serious problems with breathing. It is better to be safe than sorry with this and let the bee removal service help with your pests.

Get the right gear.

Before you start to get rid of the bees in your home, you need to get the right gear for the job. You can get the same protective gear that is used by beekeepers. Wearing dark colored clothing pisses bees off so wear light clothing. You should get decent gloves and a veil, like the ones beekeepers use. Do not wear perfume, cologne or any fragrance, especially if it smells like flowers. If you are removing bees from an area that can be aired out, you can get a bee smoker to slow the critters down.

Find the bees.

You see bees coming and going from your home but do you know where their hive is? There are a few places in a home that are attractive to bees. The places you should check first are the chimney (if you have one), your attic, bird houses, crawl spaces and any other open structures that would allow the bees to get in.

They can also get into your walls. This can cause a lot of problems for you as if honeybees get into your walls they can destroy your home. A beehive can store between 20 to 80 pounds of honey. According to, more than 80,000 Africanized honey bees were taken out of a home by a bee removal service earlier this fall. They were creating a honeycomb. Greg Denker from the bee removal service said, “The bees were building a honeycomb and we found it through infrared imaging. It usually takes four hours for large bee removals, but this operation took 10 hours because the hive was so big.”

Time your work wisely.

Your best bet for getting rid of a beehive is to take care if it when most of the bees are at home. The bee population is smallest during the late winter or early spring so if you know you have a hive then, you should try to get rid of it when there are not as many bees to deal with. The best time of day to deal with bees is the late afternoon. Bees get their sleep in the evening through the early morning. You will have a better chance of killing more bees if you take care of the hive when the bees are asleep.

Get the right poison to kill those bees.

A decent insecticide should be used to kill the bees in your home. If you are not sure what to use, you should contact a bee removal service and get their feedback. If they hive is small enough, you should put it in a plastic bag and secure it before you throw it away.

You should take scientific approaches to getting rid of any pests you find in your home. While there is an Irish tradition of getting rid of rats by leaving them a note to tell them of better places where they can live, if you need to go to outside sources, a reputable bee removal service is better than anything else.






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