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Using Hardwood, Bamboo, and Peel and Stick Planks for Your Floor

The floor is a part of any building that is often taken for granted, but if the floor is in bad shape, such as dirty carpets, warped or scratched wood, or chipped tiles, people will definitely notice. A homeowner or the manager of a public building will want to get their floors cleaned, repaired, or entirely torn up and renovated when the time comes, and a freshly renovated floor will be in excellent condition, look attractive, and can even boost a house’s value on the real estate market. Most renovation work on homes includes an ROI, or return of investment, and this may include floors, too. Peel and stick planks, for example, are thin and flexible pieces of canvas or other materials that can be applied to concrete or tile to create an attractive wooden look, and peel and stick planks can be convenient for those who cannot afford or simply do not want a total renovation job including hardwood planks in the home. Stick on wood planks and even DIY wall planks can be a low-intensity renovation job, but for those who want solid wood rather than peel and stick planks, there are options for that, too. Peel and stick planks, real hardwood, and bamboo planks all offer different perks to explore.

Peel and stick planks

A homeowner or a public building or shop owner may opt for peel and stick paneling if it is too expensive or difficult to perform a floor renovation job with real hardwood, but this does not mean that the end result looks like a cheap imitation. In fact, peel and stick planks can be very attractive and feel great to walk on, and they can be a solid option for a sports goods store or a hardware store, for example. Peel and stick wood can get the job done, and it figures into the larger interior design industry. This industry is a big one; it generates some $10 billion in revenue per year, and crews and contractors can get this work done for businesses and homes alike, and this can include peel and stick planks for those interested. This may be often; a Houzz survey showed that in 2018, nearly 48% of homeowners planned to decorate their homes, and this may include the floor. For those looking for a less skill-intensive but still appealing new floor, peel and stick planks can be considered, and they may come in different shades and wood patterns, based on the customer’s preference.

Hardwood and Bamboo

Real wood still has a place in public and private American floors, and this industry is continuing to grow. Real wood has a rustic and time-honored feel and sound to it, and many new homes are built with hardwood fully in place. The main choice here is whether a homeowner or a public building manager or construction crew manager wants hardwood or bamboo. Hardwood is the traditional choice and dates back to colonial days, and hardwood is often considered the default flooring material. It comes in many colors and is highly durable, as the name suggests, and can be renovated if need be, and sanded down to remove scratches or other blemishes on its surface. Hardwood trees are harvested across North America, and these trees take around 20 years to mature fully and become viable for logging.

Bamboo, meanwhile, is an alternative material for floor planks that is growing in popularity, and bamboo grows fast, often being cited as a highly renewable resource. Bamboo stalks are sliced and shredded, then fused into planks with heat, pressure, and glue to form pieces that often rival hardwood in strength, but comes in fewer colors. Bamboo from a reliable vendor will have a similar installation price as hardwood, and bamboo is low maintenance in a home or building. It can be refinished to remove scratches and can be cleaned with a wet mop, and a clean, fresh bamboo look may appeal to homeowners or public building managers, such as those who own a museum and need new flooring. Whether with hardwood or bamboo, floor contractors can be hired and get any flooring renovation job done right, and for the right price.

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