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Three Tips For Moving With Pets

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Moving is a pretty stressful experience, but it’s even more stressful when you’re trying to move with pets. After all, they have no idea what’s going on, and can’t speak, so they can’t help it if they unknowingly get in the way, which they almost always do.

Luckily, professional movers know a thing or two about dealing with pets during a move. Here are a few of the best pieces of advice that they have to offer.

Talk to the Vet Before You Move.

Home movers advise pet owners to tell their vet about the upcoming move — especially if their pets can be a bit neurotic or anxious when traveling — because they can either teach pet owners about behavior modification techniques, or prescribe medications that can make moving less stressful for the pet. The more relaxed your pet is, the less likely it is to get in the way of your moving services.

Keep Things as Normal as Possible Before the Move.

Professional moving companies always advise their clients to pack over a long period of time, and to avoid packing things last minute. This advice is even more pertinent to pet owners, say full service movers. Packing over a longer period of time will make pets think everything is normal, and consequentially keep their stress levels down.

If you have a cat, professional movers advise taking out its carrier weeks ahead of time. Put their favorite toys in there, too, so that they not only get used to seeing it around, but also get more comfortable being in it, too.

Hire a Sitter.

Most times, professional movers say it’s best to just hire a sitter on the big day. It doesn’t matter whether you ask a friend to watch your pet at their house or you leave your furry friend at a pet day care, just so long as they’re not around for all the commotions professional movers say. If that’s simply not an option, you can keep a pet locked in quiet room with a bowl of water. Professional movers advise visiting your pet in your spare moments if you do this, and putting a big sign on the door, too.

Moving with a pet is stressful, but it’s not unbearable if you take these professional movers’ advice. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Refernce materials:

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