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Tips for Maintaining Home Bar Furniture

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Bar furniture is a great way to add a flair of contemporary furniture design to any modern home. But installing new bar furniture for the home can be a big investment, and if you’re installing it in place of dining room tables and chairs, it’s important to make sure you clean and maintain it properly.

Bar furniture sees a lot of wear, and usually, a lot of spills.

How to Maintain Bar Stools

Check the bolts of your stool every few months. Loose connections or bolts can cause a stool to collapse if you don’t keep them maintained.

The rest of maintenance has to do with what kind of bar stools you invest in. Wooden bar stools should never be cleaned with water or water-based cleaners. You can cause the grain or finish to peel right off. Stick to something like pledge that’s specific to wood furniture.

Stools with upholstery are a little harder to clean, especially if they become stained by food or beverages. You can try to remove marks with upholstery cleaner, and if it doesn’t work, a professional cleaner may be able to help. Try to clean spills the moment they happen to keep them from setting in.

Metal stools will need to be checked regularly for rust, especially if you’re using them for an outdoor dining area or patio. Use metal cleaners to scrub them and apply rust-inhibiting spray to keep problems from spreading.

How to Maintain Bar Tables and Counters

Your bar table is going to get the brunt of drink spills and food splatters. The best way to prevent damage is by being proactive. Use coasters to keep rings from forming and wipe down your table after every use even if you don’t see visible issues. Regular cleaning is the key to extending the life of your table. Chose cleaning supplies that won’t damage your bar table and dry it completely afterward.

Do you have any tips for maintaining bar furniture? Let us know in the comments!
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