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Three Tips for Choosing a Responsible Landscaping Company

A great-looking backyard can be a great place to hang out and entertain your friends and family. It’s not uncommon for people to splash quite a bit on their outdoor areas, and that’s where landscapers come in. They can advise you on how to get the most out of your outdoors, what the best backyard materials are for you, what plants fit your ideal backyard etc.

Going for custom backyard landscaping helps you make the best decision for your yard while still appealing to your tastes. You’ll be advised on what plants and flowers thrive in your locale, how to protect your home from flooding, building a patio and removing trees per code, etc.
When picking a landscaper, go for one with local experience. If you want amazing garden designs, make sure you see their portfolio to know what they are capable of. They should also show you in person the work they have done. Check reviews. If they can deliver amazing home gardens, then there will be evidence of happy customers. Also, make sure that the plants you grow can fit around your schedule, so they don’t become neglected.

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One French woman found out the hard way that dealing with illegitimate landscaping companies can be costly. Several months ago, she hired a landscaping company to level out her garden. The company, while digging, found an estimated $1.2 million in gold they found buried in the yard, which they then auctioned off. The homeowners were completely unaware. The theft was uncovered after French investigators noted the suspicious deposits the thieves cashed, and questioned them.

Although bad landscaping is unlikely to cost you over a million dollars, the expense of having to replant a badly designed garden can still be fairly steep. The average shrub can cost anywhere from $20 to $40 to replace — a price that adds up quickly.

How can you find a responsible landscaping supplies company? Here are three tips.

1. Look for a Company With Local Experience

If a company has, so far, zero local reviews, that should be a warning sign that they might be a fly-by-night company that does sub-par work and disappears to the next town before you can ask for your money back. Look for a company that consistently gets good local reviews. Plus, this can give you an opportunity to see what their finished landscapes look like in person.

2. Ask to See a Design Portfolio

You should always ask to see a landscaper’s design portfolio — this will give you an idea of whether their style is right for your backyard. Even a great company might not be the right match for you if they’re more modern and you’re more traditional, for example. Or, they might not have experience with the landscaping stones you see as integral to the design. Along with the portfolio, ask questions about how long the project will take, what an average budget is, and anything else you might need to know before hiring someone.

3. A Company That Aims to Provide a Sustainable Garden

Although you want a garden that looks pretty, you also want one that will last. Certain plants and landscaping designs require more maintenance than others. A responsible landscaper will provide you with information about potential plants and plans so that you can ensure that they are a right fit for your lifestyle.

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