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Three Fire Protection Products Every Business Should Have

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Did you know that 6,000 office buildings caught fire last year, causing about $17.5 billion in damages? In order to make sure that your company’s property and your employees are protected should a fire break out, it’s absolutely imperative for a business to invest in appropriate fire protection products.

Here are a few such fire protection products that your business needs to have in place.

Smoke Alarms.

Properly installed and maintained smoke alarms are the first defense your employees have against a fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the majority of office fires took place in locations that lacked smoke alarms and other fire protection products. In order to make sure that the smoke alarms are working, the fire protection handbook states that they need to be tested once a month. If it fails the test, replace the batteries. If the smoke alarm still doesn’t work, replace it with a new unit.

Fire Extinguishers.

Although fire extinguishers are incredibly effective, they’re won’t work if the person using the extinguisher doesn’t know what they’re doing. Businesses not only need to have these fire protection products on hand, but also need to train employees to use them. To operate an extinguisher, employees should remember the word PASS. Pull the pin to release the locking mechanism. Aim low at the base of the fire. Squeeze the lever slowly. Sweep the spray side-to-side. Also, fire extinguishers should be installed near exits, so that when they’re used, the wielder can make a quick escape if needed.

Sprinkler System.

Sprinkler systems are the best automatic fire suppression systems currently available. According to a study form the National Fire Protection Association, hotels with sprinkler systems suffered 78% less fire damage than those hotels without them. Many businesses choose not to install these fire protection products because they believe that they’re incredibly expensive. However, the American Fire Sprinkler Association reports that it only costs about two dollars and fifty cents per square foot to retrofit a sprinkler system, making them one of the most cost efficient fire protection products available.

Commercial fire protection systems would be incomplete without smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems. These pieces of equipment will not only ensure that you and your employees remain unharmed in the event of a fire, but will also limits the amount of property damage that the fire will cause. If you have any questions about these fire protection products, feel free to ask in the comments. For more information see this:

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