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Three Easy Tips for Developing an Organic Lawn

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Have you ever been interested in organic lawn care service? We all love having a nice green lawn. Your front yard has a huge impact on the curb appeal of your home. It extends the living space of your home outdoors, and helps you get the most enjoyment out of your total property, not just the interior space. If you are selling your home, having a nice landscaped exterior is a must-have if you want to get the best price out of it.

But achieving a beautiful lawn doesn’t come for free. Many of us don’t have the time or money to keep it in shape. Hiring a lawn care service would be amazing, but who can afford to pay a landscaper every week? Not to mention, keeping a lush front yard is surprisingly bad for the environment.

Using an organic lawn care service benefits you two-fold: Mother Earth appreciates when you are conscious and intentional about how you treat the planet. Secondly, most organic lawn care services strive to support the natural process of how grass grows. When your lawn functions the way it was meant to, it requires less labor to maintain it. This means you either don’t have to work as hard to keep it up, or you don’t have to pay a lawn care service to come as often.

So without further ado, here are a few tips for developing an organic lawn:

Three Easy Tips for Developing an Organic Lawn

  1. Use Native Plants

    This might come as surprise to you, but grass grew on the Earth before people built house with lawns. When you use grass that can grow in your environment naturally, this means you don’t have to dump huge amounts of water on it to make it function. It means that the grass on your lawn can withstand any extreme temperatures in your area, because it does it naturally. If you a non-native grass, it might look super nice during temperate times, but if the temps get too hot or too cold, it will require extra fertilizers (A.K.A. chemicals) or labor (A.K.A. your time and money) to keep it looking nice.

    To grow a native grass in your front yard, talk to your local plant nursery, or bring in an organic lawn care service to identify the best specie and get you started.

  2. Test Your Soil

    Your grass will get most of its food from the sun (A.K.A. photosynthesis). What the sun doesn’t provide, it needs to get from the soil. Running a simple test of the soil is a good way to identify what nutrients your soil lacks that your grass needs, and if the pH level is where is should be to have a healthy lawn. With the results of these tests, you can amend the soil as needed so that it is able to provide the ideal nutrients to your lawn.

    When your soil is in good health to support your grass, your grass requires less effort to maintain and looks healthier. You can get a simple soil test for a few bucks at your local garden store, or from many big box hardware stores.

  3. Use Organic Fertilizers

    Now, let’s say you followed the previous point and realized your soil lacks a nutrient that your native grass needs to flourish. You might feel inclined to run to your local hardware store and pick up a bag of conventional fertilizer to fill up your soil’s nutrient tank, right?

    Please don’t do this. Many fertilizers are full of chemicals that are terrible for the environment. Not only does it make the Earth wheeze and cough like a chain-smoker, approximately half of these chemicals end up in our ground water supply. That means we end up drinking them (insert that emoticon with huge eyes that looks exasperated).

    Instead, choose organic lawn supplements that are made from organic material that the Earth actually produced. This is better for the planet, and it’s better for our health. Plus, when you help your lawn do what it was meant to do in nature, it requires less work (and money) to maintain. This is what we call a win-win-win situation, my friend!

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