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6 Fall Cleanup Steps to Take Now

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This is the point in the summer when many homeowners begin to neglect their lawns. Soon, the hot weather will turn to cold, and the ground will be covered with snow and ice. Once this happens, the condition of the lawn no longer matters. That is, until spring comes back around. These lawn care tips will prepare your lawn for the winter months, while also making spring cleanup easier.

Clean up your garden
Cleaning up your garden before the fall months can actually be beneficial. While many of the flowers and plants will not make it through the winter months, if you care for your garden now, it will grow easier come spring. Additionally, if you go through and pull all of the weeds now, your spring cleanup task will be easier to complete. It is also a good time to stop using harmful pesticides. When the air gets colder and freezes, these pesticides can get frozen in your yard. Ideally, completely switch over your products to a fully organic lawn care process.

Schedule your fall clean up
Scheduling a fall cleanup now can make spring cleanup easier. When spring does come back around, you do not want to be left with a huge yard cleanup task. Schedule your fall cleanup today with your local lawn care services company. They will pull weeds, remove troublesome plants, and take care of the fallen leaves. Leaves that are left on the ground freeze, and then you are left in the spring with a yard full of leaves that need to be cleaned up.

Trim trees and bushes
Trimming trees and bushes increases the amount of sunlight that comes into your windows. Not only will this make your home feel warmer come winter, but it can also reduce your heating bills. Make sure the bushes and trees that are closet to your windows are free of any barriers. These barriers will give you natural sunlight. Most of them will grow back by the time summer comes back around, thus acting as a shade from the same sunlight. This can reduce your summer cooling bills.

Reduce watering
Watering your lawn too much can lead to a buildup of water that can eventually lead to excessive ice. In addition to reducing your watering for the purpose of avoiding ice during the winter, you are also helping the environment. A sustainable landscaping presentation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that watering lawns accounts for 30% to 60% of water consumption during the summer months. If anything, you can avoid that last lawn watering of the season. You will be left with a naturally healthy lawn and will be doing well for the environment.

Bring in all yard ornaments
Many gardens today are spruced up with colorful and reflective yard ornaments. It is best to bring these ornaments indoors before the cold weather comes. In below average temperatures, they can freeze. As the weather fluctuates, going above and below freezing temperatures, they can crack. Your garden and lawn is left with glass pieces that can affect the growth of plants and flowers, and you will have to deal with cleaning up glass come spring.

Prepare your soil for spring
When you change the nutrients and contents of soil, it takes some time to make a difference. A soil test will tell you what the pH level is and whether your soil needs extra nutrients. Most grasses do best in a soil with a pH between 6.5 and 7.0. Begin working on your soil levels now and they will be ready for planting and growing in the warmer spring months.

Summer is on its way out and soon the grass will be covered with snow and ice. These last few weeks of summer are the perfect time to prepare for the coming cold. You can prepare your lawn so that it makes for an easier yard cleanup in spring and to ensure that you are protecting it through the long, cold months.

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