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The Three Reasons Your Air Conditioning is More Important Than You Think

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While a nice glass of iced tea and a quick dip in the pool are temporary ways to beat the heat this summer, a proper air conditioning system is the key to keeping your family, friends, clients and coworkers as cool as possible. However, just being the proud owner of commercial air conditioning does not mean you are ready for the summer just yet. Two-thirds of households in America have some form of air conditioning, but only a small percentage of those work as well as they should. Whether it be residential or commercial, it is crucial to bring in AC repair services to make sure your system is up to speed.

1. Safety: It goes without saying that safety is the key to anything when dealing with your home and commercial spaces. About one out of five U.S. homes built in the 1980s have outdated systems in desperate need of HVAC repair to ensure they work safely and properly. Only about 42% of homes seek out AC repair service annually, and in 2010 there were about 7,400 reported fires in the U.S. related to air conditioning. Doing regular checkups with your commercial air conditioning is even more important as unintentionally harming a client or employee is the last thing you want to do.

2. Efficiency: Regularly servicing your residential and commercial air conditioning can not only make you safer, but it can make you a lot cooler too. By having professionals check on your AC unit, you are ensuring your system is equipped with the most up-to-date parts and resources necessary to stay as cool as a cucumber. Advancements such as SEER ratings and clean air products that have popped up in the last decade make 2015 the best time ever to invest in a proper AC unit for your home or business.

3. Cost: Much like a lot of the technology you deal with on a daily basis, the physical life of an HVAC unit is often longer than its economic life. This is especially true in commercial air conditioning where large spaces need to remain cool for months on end. Obtaining proper and constant AC services will save you money in the long run, as updating AC systems is much easier and cost-efficient than overhauling the entire unit. Air conditioners use about 5% of the electricity produced in the entire country, accounting for an $11 billion business. Needless to say, much of that money is coming from home and business owners who neglected their HVAC units and were forced to completely overhaul them after their inevitable demise.

Get in touch with a local commercial air conditioning repair service to make sure your home and business are equipped to beat the heat in a safe and cost-efficient way. Your family, pets, customers, and anyone who is close enough to smell you will thank you later.

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