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Furniture grade wood veneer, Thick wood veneer edge banding

Making a Case for Wood Veneer

Flexible wood veneer sheets

Wood veneer is one of the most widely used materials for adding a warm look and feel to any household furniture item. The price of wood veneer is generally more cost effective than most other treated materials, making any veneer for sale a good option for those on a tighter budget. Wood veneer can be used to house a television set, construct a door, floor, or bookshelf. Wood veneering can even be used as wall paneling or as a cabinet set. Wood veneering is believed to even been used by the ancient Egyptians, adding to the reliability of the wood treating technique.

Manufacturing wood veneer generally involves a three step process. First a tree is taken down and sliced into thin 3 mm sheets that are then glued or pressure treated into core panels. The panels are then assembled according the item that needs to be made. Wood veneer is largely manufactured worldwide but there is the potential for a hardware store that has veneer for sale to source the wood locally, adding a more genuine quality to the final product.

For the hobbyist that enjoys restoring antique items such as transistor radios, arcade cabinets, or any wood casing, veneer offers an authentic looking aesthetic without the excessive costs of many restorative materials. Most hobby shops have wood veneer for sale in many different sizes and widths to fit any potential project. The cost effectiveness of wood veneer also allows more projects to be completed, affording more room to explore innovative uses of your hobby or craft. Wood veneer is also a cheap way to teach your kids how to work with wood without having to spend a ton of money of raw materials that will potentially go to waste.

Many people prefer the aesthetics of a wood decorating scheme without having to pay an arm and a leg for expensive full body wood furniture. Wood veneer is made from real wood, making it better than pressure treated pulp boards often used in lesser quality furniture items. There are thin wood veneer sheets as well as thicker sheets to provide the appropriate durability for the particular use of the sheets.

Wood veneer comes in many varieties. Many varieties simulate the look and appearance of more traditional wood furniture, such as cherry veneer sheets, mahogany veneer sheets, oak sheets, or bamboo veneer sheets. Each variety can offer a more direct representation of the desired look and feel to any room in your home or office. Having a wood decor adds a nice touch to any room, whether it is wall to wall paneling or simply a set of end tables.

So the next time you’re considering redecorating or tackling that next big project, consider wood veneer to save time and money. Find a local retailer with wood veneer for sale today!

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