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The Many Reasons to Choose an Outdoor Furnace


Americans surely care about their lawns. This is probably something that you have witnessed in your own yard, watching young and elderly neighbors mow their lawns, set up equipment outside, and install lighting so that they can enjoy time outdoors with their friends and family. Did you know that, on average, Americans each spend about 4 hours per week taking care of the lawn? This means that every American spends about 208 hours per year on their lawns! If you’re looking to spend more time outside, you may have considered an aspect known as the outdoor furnace. Outdoor furnaces, such as the Heatmor residential burner, can be purchased from a Heatmor dealer and will make a huge difference in the life of your backyard.

What are Heatmor stoves? They are one of the longest-lasting, most efficient and durable outdoor furnaces that you can find on the markets today. Outdoor furnaces are mainly used because they serve as a cost-effective source of heating energy. You may be able to entirely eliminate your heating bills if you own an outdoor furnace and you’re able to cut your own food. This means that, over a 10-year time period, you may save anywhere from $10,000-$50,000 on heating costs – which are huge numbers that make all the difference! These furnaces are becoming more and more popular. There are approximately 200,000 outdoor furnaces in use today. Owners say that their furnaces use up to 25% to 70% less wood than their traditional wood furnaces and have more efficient heating compared to other sources. Finding a Heatmor dealer can help you weigh your options.

Outdoors is Where Memories Are Made

Many people agree that spending time outdoors is one of the most important things to them, especially in those months where there’s a good mix between hot and cool! 83% of Americans actually say that having a yard is important to them because of spending time with others, and 90% of those with a yard believe that it is best when it is well-maintained. What if you could make memories in your yard and keep the area warm for those around you? Heatmor furnaces give you this option, and should always be considered if you spend a lot of your time outdoors.

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