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The 5 Secrets Of A Beautiful Organic Lawn

Seeing a well-manicured lawn can have a soothing effect on you. A beautiful lawn will boost the curb appeal of your property. If you don’t have time to give your lawn the attention it needs, you can hire lawn care services.

Lawn care services include mowing, controlling weeds, applying fertilizer, controlling pests, and trimming bushes and hedges. Different companies offer different lawn service packages. These packages range from offering basic to premium services.

Native lawn service includes planting native flora to create a sustainable landscape. Locally sourced plants adapt easily to the climate and soil and thus are easier to maintain. They also don’t require too much water and are naturally resistant to pests.

To learn more about how to care for your lawn, you can search for essential 101 grass. You’ll need time and effort to maintain your lawn.

How to fall out of love with your lawn? Maintaining lawns isn’t easy and a little bit of research shows that lawns take up too much water to keep them lush. Using a lot of pesticides isn’t good for the environment either.

If you have a lawn, consider organic lawn care, which will be better for your lawn and the environment.

Many customers today want their yards to look natural and healthy. It’s a look that plenty of people associate with sustainability. The same people who want organic and non-toxic lawn fertilizer often care about having a lawn that seems just as eco-friendly as it is. You can find professional weed eating services that are also at least relatively environmentally friendly since most companies today are trying to focus on that to some extent. Hand weeding services will often have the advantage regarding sustainability, however.

It’s now getting easier to find a yard consultant who will get rid of weeds manually. That way, they can target the weeds individually. These technicians won’t need to damage the rest of the yard in order to get to the weeds. Someone who uses chemicals to address weed problems will probably poison the healthy plants that you want to keep.

The manual removal of weeds makes it easier for you to fix one problem without causing another. It’s the ultimate grass treatment in many ways, even if it represents a return to more timeless forms of yard care. Workers will wear gloves to protect their hands when they take away certain weeds. Otherwise, they won’t need lots of expensive outdoor equipment.

Lawncare treatment

Did you know that Americans use an average of 78 million pounds of pesticides each year? It’s no wonder why, as everyone wants to have a beautiful lawn and garden; however, there are intense drawbacks to using traditional pesticides, and more alternatives than you’d think. Before you make a decision about how to treat your lawn and with what, there are some things you need to know.

1. Synthetic Pesticides Can Cause Serious Harm

Of course, the intent behind synthetic pesticides is to harm on some level, but you want that directed at pests and weeds, not you and your family. The most common lawn pesticides have connections to cancer, birth and reproductive defects, liver and kidney damage, and general problems with the endocrine system. Deaths and chronic disease due to pesticide poisoning worldwide are estimated to be about 1 million per year. These are serious considerations to undertake when choosing your pesticides.

2. There Are Alternatives

Many people are completely unaware of the alternative to synthetic pesticides, which is lawncare treatment by an organic lawncare company. An organic lawncare company provides pesticide free lawncare that serve the same purposes as chemical — based lawncare, but with far fewer harmful effects. They often use recycled products and protect not only your health but the environment at large.

3. A Pesticide Free Lawn Service Can Save You Money

An organic lawncare company can offer competitive rates, but that’s not the only part of the service that will save you money. A common practice of organic based lawncare is “grasscycling”, which leaves grass clippings on your lawn as a kind of fertilizer. It cuts the need for nitrogen … based fertilizers by 50%, thus saving you money you would have otherwise spent on extra fertilizer.

4. Synthetic Pesticides Can Do More Harm To Your Lawn Than Good

It’s been suggested that synthetic pesticides can kill 60% to 90% of a yard’s earthworms; as earthworms are vital to soil quality, a lack of earthworms would cause a downturn in your lawn’s overall quality. In contrast, a grass bed treated with compost tea can produce roots two to four times longer than the average.

5. Organic Lawncare Treatment Is Better For The Environment At Large

Some estimates indicate that yard waste accounts for 18% of municipal waste; some of this waste can be recycled into organic lawncare. Furthermore, pesticides have been shown seep into ground water and have been ingested by wild, non … pest animals, causing long … term harm to their habitats and populations.

The advantages of organic lawncare far outweigh any presented by synthetic pesticides. If you’re concerned with your health, your lawn, and the environment, it’s a great option to consider.

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