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Suspect Some Furry Squatters In Your Home? Leave The Live Removal Of Squirrels To The Pros!

Home is where the heart is. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one around who feels that way.

Rodents are always on the lookout for cozy, warm and, most of all, free places to squat in. Our homes tend to be number one on their list! Even worse, they can be notoriously hard to remove due to their sneaky nature and tendency to carry diseases. Instead of attempting a live removal of squirrels all on your own, call a rodent control professional. They can ensure not just your furry squatters are removed, but any nests or food stores they’ve brought with them.

Rodent control is a sad fact of the homeowner’s and renter’s life. Here’s what you should know.

Just how widespread are rodents in the United States? Recent statistics have shown some pretty horrifying numbers as of late. The National Pest Management Association estimated that, without the ongoing efforts of the rodent control industry, rodents and bugs could destroy up to 50% of our food supply. That’s even before we touch on issues of chewed wires and spread diseases! Rats are particularly common in urban environments, while squirrels tend to show up more near forested areas.

Never assume your home will be safe from furry intruders. These creatures are not just clever, but voracious, always looking for somewhere to store their food or have their litters. Rats breed incredibly fast, with two rats in an ideal environment able to turn into a population of over 400 million rats in three years. Rodent control is essential not just for your sanity, but the safety of everyone. While mice may seem smaller and cuter, they’re no less frustrating.

Rat-related animal nuisance calls have risen sharply these past few years. Chicago, for example, has seen rodent-related calls increasing by a whopping 60%. This is exceeded only by New York City, at 130%, and San Francisco at 175%. Urban environments are popular for rats and mice due to their abundance of hiding places and trash. Back in 2015 the famous ‘Pizza Rat’ was uploaded to YouTube, racking up over 10 million views for its incredible appetite. Unwanted rodents, however, soon become less funny when they’re right under your own nose.

Destructive animals are only getting worse and worse. Back in 2017 the magazine The New Republic reported the country is on the verge of a ‘ratpocalypse’, with rat populations spiking across Washington, D.C. and Houston. Live removal of squirrels is also getting higher and higher in forested areas being filled with more apartment complexes. The frustrating and often sickly nature of human and rodent contact make this less an annoying issue and more a safety one. If you even suspect a rodent problem under your roof, your next step is to call wildlife control.

Live removal of squirrels, rats, and mice is best done with an experienced eye and modern tools. It’s not just the rats themselves you’re removing, but any family, babies, and food stores that could attract others. Animal removal services can also offer you useful advice on preventing this in the future. This may mean boarding up your walls or sweeping up dropped food. Whatever needs to be done, rest assured this stain on your workweek will be cleaned up quickly and efficiently with a professional on the case.

Keep your home safe and warm. Leave the live removal of squirrels and rats to the pros.

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