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Protect Your HVAC Unit This Summer With a HVAC Inspection

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Spring is the perfect weather conditions. It is no longer cold enough to require usage of our furnace. It is not yet hot enough to turn on the air conditioning unit. We can open the windows for a comfortable temperature and give our HVAC systems a nice break. We also see a decrease in our heating and cooling bills, at least for the time being. This small break time between drastically varying temperatures is an important and crucial HVAC inspection and repair time. Use this comfortable weather time to properly inspect your furnace and prepare your AC unit for the summer heat.

Cut costs
Many homeowners would agree that the HVAC is one of the most important parts of their homes. It not only makes the house more comfortable, but it also protects different areas of the home that are temperature sensitive. Most homeowners are willing to spend as much as it takes to properly cool or heat their homes. Although heating and cooling costs can get expensive, you can drastically reduce these costs with regular maintenance.

Heating and air conditioning your home takes a 43% bite from your monthly utility bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. In most cases, you are paying more than you should be. If you require HVAC repairs or there is excessive dust in your HVAC unit, for example, your HVAC unit works much harder than needed. This utilizes more energy and thus, costs you more monthly.

Do your part for the environment
Manufacturers and consumers are constantly trying to find ways to improve the health of the environment. You will see fuel efficient vehicles, energy efficient appliances, and cost efficient technological items. When you use too much energy simply because you require HVAC repairs, you are causing unnecessary use of resources that are important for the environment. Today, it is cool to be green. Manufacturing companies are making the switch from the old standard refrigerant, R 22 to R 410A. Removing chlorine from air conditioning refrigerants makes them ozone friendly. Do your part by completing HVAC repairs and maintenance when necessary and replacing your unit with a greener option.

Invest in HVAC accessories
As the world of technology continues to grow, so do electronics. You can cut costs of your HVAC unit and help the environment at the same time with a programmable thermostat. To cut down significantly on the heating of your home, have one installed. The programmable thermostat will keep your home warmer during the house of the day that you are there and cooler when you are away. These thermostats have the potential to reduce your heating bill by 10%.

These programmable thermostats can be especially beneficial for those homeowners who spend many hours away from home. You are essentially wasting both money and environment resources when you do not have the ability to change your settings, based on the time of day. Reduce your dehumidification system and temperature in the home and simply turn them back on when you get close to home.

Protect your home and family
In most cases, the HVAC unit provides comfort to those living in the home. However, some circumstances can result in dangerous situations. If you require a furnace replacement during the winter months, your home?s plumbing system can freeze and break. Excessive heat and lack of air conditioning can be dangerous for the elderly. Regular HVAC repairs protect the condition of your home and prevent you from losing valuable heating and cooling services.

Some HVAC experts say up to 75% of no heat calls in the winter are related to a lack of maintenance. Left unserviced, a furnace can stop working suddenly, leaving your family in the cold. HVAC technicians usually have a higher call volume during this time and it may be days, even weeks, until your HVAC unit is serviced.

HVAC repairs and inspections are a necessary part of their upkeep process. When you schedule regular HVAC inspections, especially during the calmer spring months, you are cutting costs, helping out the environment, and protecting your home and family members from extreme temperatures. Hurry up and schedule your HVAC inspection before summer?s heat hits.

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