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Are You Having Trouble With Your AC Unit?

Split system air conditioner

There are a lot of reasons heating and air conditioning units stop working. You, as a homeowner, are responsible for maintaining your unit each year to ensure that it lasts a long time.

But if you neglect the HVAC filters, and forget to have your HVAC system checked on a regular basis, you could be looking at costly HVAC repair, and maybe even complete replacement.

Here are some of the most common problems with HVAC systems.

  • Filters. The air conditioner filter is responsible for protecting your unit from dust, debris, and allergens. The filter also traps these particles in its fibers, and keeps them from circulating in your house. HVAC contractors actually suggest that you change your filters every few months to avoid this problem.
  • Coils.The coils that are in your unit are perhaps the most important part. The evaporator coils in HVAC systems are responsible for taking the hot air, cooling it, and sending it back out through the motor to your vents. If the coils are covered in dirt, they may not be able to function well, and you air will not be as cool as it should be.
  • Dysfunctional Thermostat. If you don’t have HVAC technicians inspect your unit, you may risk also having a thermostat that stops communicating with your AC unit. When you set your thermostat to “cool” and a particular temperature, it should kick in automatically. If it doesn’t, there may be some critical wiring problems that need immediate attention.

As long as you are diligent about having routine check ups done before and after every cooling season, you shouldn’t have to face any of these problems. Find out more about this topic here.

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