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Need Flooring Ideas for Bathrooms? 3 Tips to Help

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When most people think of flooring, they picture hardwood floors in their living room or dining room, tile in their kitchen, and perhaps, carpet in their bedroom (as 44% of homeowners prefer carpeted bedrooms). Hardly anyone considers flooring ideas for bathrooms, often rushing last minute to decide what to choose. But think about how often your bathroom is used, particularly during parties or family gatherings. Don’t you want to ensure your flooring options are completely covered before throwing down the first thing you can find?

Investing in your bathroom flooring can ensure you get the most out of your bathroom as possible. If you have found yourself in need of flooring ideas for bathrooms, there are, luckily, a few tips that might help you decide between the major flooring types. Read on to learn more about the best rated floor covering ideas for your bathroom space:

1. Save Money With Linoleum
Linoleum flooring is not like it used to be; linoleum is now made much better and can withstand heavy traffic and moisture (lasting up to 40 years, although most warranties will only cover 25 years of wear). Linoleum also comes in a large variety of patterns, designs, and colors, so that you can add a pop of personality to your bathroom without spending a small fortune. Best of all, it’s easy to change out if you ever decide to completely redo your space.

2. Go Classic With Tile

Tile is a perfect choice for any bathroom and can really change the look of the space when coupled with different colored tiles or arranged in a pattern. You can even mix and match differently sized tiles for a more interesting look. While tile is generally one of the most expensive flooring tiles, the quality is unbeatable, lasting longer than almost any other type of flooring. If your home has more of a traditional look and feel, then tile might be what you want to invest in for your bathroom.

3. Stand Out With Cork Flooring
One of the boldest flooring ideas for bathrooms is the strikingly unique cork flooring option. Cork flooring is extremely durable (and can last from 10 to 30 years), and best of all, can be installed in moisture prone areas where wood flooring is not able to be placed. While floating cork flooring is not recommended for high moisture areas, cork tiling can be used, and can add an interesting flooring element to ensure your bathroom starts a conversation. Just be sure cork flooring is caulked well around the edges to prevent moisture from seeping through.

All of these flooring ideas for bathrooms can help turn your bathroom into a showstopper that your friends will all be jealous of. There’s no need to skimp on design when it comes to your bathroom, particularly with low priced linoleum, beautiful tile options, as well as eco-friendly cork flooring. To find out more ideas or to browse popular bathroom flooring choices, contact your local flooring installation specialists.

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