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The 3 Principles of Making a Soft Carpet

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carpeting servicesWhen deciding what type of flooring you are going to use for your bedroom remodeling project, consider the fact that there are studies that show carpets as an effective way to reduce allergens in your home. In Sweden, when carpet usage declined by 70%, allergies increased in the general population by 30%. Beyond the frustrations that allergic reactions can bring, there’s nothing quite like a soft carpet under your feet first thing in the morning.

So, if you’re planning on installing new carpets in your bedroom, your priority is probably comfort. Soft carpets are the way to go whether you like to play with your kids, walk around barefoot, or even nap on the floor. Here are the top factors that make a carpet soft.

  1. Denier
    The denier of a carpet refers to how thick each individual strand of yarn is. The thinner the denier, the softer the carpet. While you could just go ultra-thin, those types of carpets are less durable.
  2. Material
    While most carpets are made from nylon or polyester, these fabrics are not exactly soft. Wool and alpaca hair are at the top of the softness chain, but they can both be pretty pricey. If you want the softest carpet in the world, you must be prepared to pay a decent amount of money, understand that it won’t be the most long-lasting flooring solution, and use carpeting services like a professional carpet installation.
  3. Cut
    The cut of the carpet’s yarn also makes a big difference. There are loop carpets and cut carpets. The latter is the softer type, but what’s the difference? Well, loop carpets are made by continuously weaving a strand of fabric in and out of the mat beneath. This creates loops of yarn on the carpet surface. Cut carpets are when these loops are cut, leaving straight strands of yarn. Since these are less tightly woven and have more surface area per footstep due to compression, they feel much softer

There is always a way to find a happy medium in carpet softness. No one wants to pay the premium price for high quality and low durability carpets, which is why the use of synthetic fabrics is becoming more technologically advanced by the day. Further, this allows you to spend a little extra on professional carpeting services and installation, so you don’t have to learn how to carpet your bedroom by yourself.

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