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Looking for a New Home?

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Finding a new home can be a bit of a challenge, even under the best of circumstances. Finding a new home as a first time buyer can be downright terrifying. If you’re finding yourself adrift in a sea of “for sale” signs with no end in sight, here are a few tips to calm to waters a bit.

Location, Location, Location. This is an old real estate adage that refers to which new homes for sale are sold and why, but it can be modified to fit a buyer’s mentality as well, like so: Don’t only focus on the structure itself. The neighborhood vibe is every bit as important. If you’re just starting out your search, visit neighborhoods you know like, and see what kinds of new homes for sale might be available. And visit some neighborhoods to which you’ve never been — you never know what might catch your fancy.

Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom. When you do focus on the physical structure of the homes for sale you view, always remember that there are things about a building that you can and can’t change. You can change things like paint color, siding, shingles, decor, windows, doors, lights, and carpeting. You can’t change things like room layout, lot size, square footage, and light angles (some of these you technically can change, but it will be prohibitively expensive). Make sure you like the things you can’t change. The rest you can tweak.

Never Go It Alone. Does a real estate agent cost money? Yes. They usually make between three and six percent of the final price of a home. Are they worth every single penny of it? Absolutely. A good agent will guide you through the process, from prequalification for mortgages to signing the last signature. They also have a wealth of resources at their disposal, giving you access to new homes for sale through foreclosures, real estate auctions, and, of course, the most up-to-date general listings.

Buying a new home is hard, but so is everything that’s worth doing. Jump in, do the research, trust your agent, and start living in that home of your dreams as soon as possible. Happy hunting! For more about this, go here.

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