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3 Exterior Winter Preparation Tips to Complete Now

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The days already feel longer and the sun is disappearing sooner. Before we know it, the warm weather will be replaced with snow and ice. Before the temperatures drop too much, complete your winter home task list. These are the tasks that should be completed before the winter comes. These are home tasks that will make winter easier.

Remove all leafs from important parts of your property

Fall comes before winter and it leaves you with an abundance of leaves all over your property. Despite hours and hours of leaf removal, you may still find it difficult to remove all of the leaves. Instead of focusing on removing every single leaf, make sure you are removing them from the important parts of your property. For example, leaving leafs in the rain gutters or on your deck can affect your home come winter. The leafs will stain into the deck and the gutters can become too full, making it so rain and snow cannot properly drain from the gutters. If you are unable to reach your gutters for proper leaf removal, consider hiring a house gutter cleaning service.

Replace gutters, if needed

If you have been putting off the replacement of your home?s gutters, now is a good time to complete this task. Gutter replacement is necessary when the gutters are no longer able to properly drain. Winter often brings a lot of snow and once that snow melts, it needs somewhere to drain. Otherwise, it sits on the roof, causing a lot of extra weight on the roof. Additionally, gutter cleaning is an important job, and should be done at least twice per year.

Even an inch of rain can cause damage. It is best to first schedule a house gutter cleaning service and if the gutters can still not be properly drained, arrange to have them replaced. An inch of rainfall does not sound like much, but when it falls on an average sized roof, it adds up to a 1,900 gallon torrent sluicing off the eaves. Aluminum gutters are the best option and are easily cleaned with professional house gutter cleaning services.

Clean driveways and decks

You may be wondering why you should spend time and resources on cleaning your driveways and deck when they will soon be covered with snow. However, leaving dirt and grime on these areas can cause permanent damage to them. When the snow does melt and spring comes back around, you will be left with worn out driveways and deck. A professional deck cleaning is especially important if you have recently painted it. To properly clean a painted deck, you will require specific deck cleaning solutions. You will also want to ensure that your newly painted deck is properly sealed from the increase in moisture.

You can easily prepare your driveway and deck with a thorough scrubbing. Scrubbing the driveway takes a bit more time and effort, but it only needs to be done once or twice yearly to keep the driveway looking nice. The best times to scrub and clean these areas is when the snow first melts, as you are completing spring cleaning tasks and again, when the cold weather is coming and snow will soon be expected.

Whether or not we are prepared, winter is on its way. Take advantage of the warm weather that we still have and begin to check off your winter preparation steps. Be sure to check all gutters and have them professionally cleaned by a house gutter cleaning service. If they are damaged, have them replaced with aluminum gutters. You will also want to properly clean your driveways and decks, as it will make the spring cleaning task much easier.

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