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How to Prevent Your Home’s Value From Plummeting

Basement waterproofing

If you’re planning on selling your home at any point in the future, you have probably wondered how much you should ask for its selling price. Myriad factors go into determining your home’s resell value — many of which you probably weren’t even aware of.

Surprisingly, even the smallest things such as having basement leaks when it rains can be detrimental to your home’s value on the real estate market.

In many cases, you might actually be causing your home’s value to tumble and plummet without even realizing it. Preserve your investment by avoiding these three common mistakes homeowners make:

Neglecting your water heater

It’s one of the things we hardly, if ever, think about — is my water heater in the best condition it should be? In many cases, old, energy-inefficient water heaters can result in your home’s resell value decreasing. Luckily, tuning up your water heater is an inexpensive procedure. By simply adding some insulation, you can reduce heat loss by 45% and lower uout water-heating bills by 9% — all while helping your home’s value.

Making the wrong remodeling choices

Did you know that in some cases, a remodeling project can actually cause your home’s value to decrease? Before making that kitchen or bathroom remodel, consult with a real estate or home improvement professional to determine if you’re making the right choice for your home’s resell value.

Failing to prevent basement cracks and leaks

If your basement leaks when it rains, it might be the result of you failing to clean your gutters regularly. And having a wet basement is more than just an occasional nuisance — this moisture wreaks havoc on your home’s foundation and structure. A great way to keep water out of your basement and preserve your home’s value is to look into a foundation sealing or basement waterproofing procedure.

Do you agree with this list? How do you work to maintain your home’s value? Share your thoughts and ask any questions about repairing foundation problems by leaving a comment below. Find more on this topic here. Find more on this topic here.

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