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Is Your Son or Daughter Moving Into a College Apartment?


This is a difficult trip. As parents across the country are traveling to college campuses to help their students move home, you find yourself traveling to your daughter’s campus 12 hours away, knowing that the trip home will not include your daughter. For while many of your friends will be bringing their children back home, your daughter has decided to stay on campus this summer. With a busy schedule that includes a May trip out of the country and weeks of working both orientation for incoming freshmen and campus admissions tours, your 20 year old daughter will be staying in the dorms.
You are thrilled to make the drive to visit her and help the seniors on the small campus celebrate their graduation, but you fear that the drive home will be rough. Unlike the end of her freshman year when she could not wait to get home, your daughter, who just finished her sophomore year, loves her college and is looking forward to staying on campus and working a couple part time jobs. So while the other parents are helping their sons and daughters move their things into storage or back home, your daughter has a different task. As soon as she returns from her class abroad she will be moving into an apartment style dorm, the place where she will live both this summer and during her junior year.
As you struggle to imagine what this visit will be like, your husband came up with a pretty good suggestion. Because your daughter will be moving into a significantly larger space, your husband things that you should spent some time helping your daughter select some items from a local furniture store. And while you know that the solo drive you will make back home will be difficult, you realize that your husband has suggested an idea that might make this difficult transition more manageable.
Knowing that you will certainly get excited about purchasing decorations for college apartment, you hope that your husband is right and that the distraction of finding a few small chairs and end tables at the furniture store will help you get through this situation. With all of the choices available in indoor furniture designs, you hope that you can find some furniture store finds that will brighten up both your daughter’s space and your mood.
Quality Home Furniture Can Help Parents and Students Look Forward to Changing Living Situations
Whether you are looking at home decor stores to find a few pieces of artwork for a small college dorm room, or you are looking for an entire set of furniture for a larger college apartment, these purchases can help your son or daughter make their place feel like home. There is always a chance, however, that the new campus home will be so great that your son or daughter will opt for a summer staying on campus, instead of coming home for the summer though!

Consider some of these facts and figures about the home furniture store market and industry:

  • $65.2 billion is the approximate amount of money that the home decor market generates each year.
  • Furniture is usually the third most expensive thing a person will ever buy. The first two are a house and a car.
  • Furniture styles change according to who the most typical buyers are. For instance, the Millennials? share of all buyers in 2012 was a only 14%, but in 2014, Millennials made up 37% of all households buying furniture and bedding. This makes them the largest generation buying home furnishings, so it only makes sense that many designs are created with this generation in mind.
  • Upscale furniture, if made of the highest quality materials, can last for many years. For instance, while some sofas have a lifespan of seven to 15 years, others can last for generations.
  • 50% of all residential architects believe outdoor living features play a more important role in new home sales now than they did just a mere two years ago. In fact, 63% of architects indicate that outdoor living spaces are now the most common ?special function room? in most home construction projects.
  • Could a little furniture shopping help brighten your mood, your room, or your entire house?

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