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3 Reasons Not To Put Off Residential Roof Repair!

Michigan roofersYour roof might be the most important part of your home. It keeps everything inside safe from the elements and helps you avoid water damage and pest infestation. So if your roof needs repairs, you need to prioritize those. However, even with regular care, eventually, your roof will need to be replaced. Again, this cannot be put off for very long or you risk significant damage to your house.

The average cost of a flat roof replacement can be expensive, but the cost varies between different contractors and areas. The average roofer hourly rate is different in various places and this impacts the overall cost. However, the best flat roof repair for you isn’t necessarily the cheapest or most expensive one. Instead, it’ll depend on what you need for your particular house. The average cost of flat roof replacement might be what you pay, or you might need to pay more in order to get the coverage you need from a company you trust. Regardless of what you need, look into your options. Get quotes from several contractors, then decide who you want to go with.



Fixing a roof can be a major hassle and not only that, but it can be expensive, too. Unfortunately, unlike peeling paint, home window repair, or gutter inspections, residential roofing repair is one home improvement project you can’t put off for another day. Your roof is one of the most important elements of your entire home, and if it breaks down, you could end up with disastrous consequences. Putting off needed roof repairs will not only cost you even more money in the long run, but you could end up with even more damage that negatively affects your home’s value.

So what are the worst-case scenarios when you put off residential roofing repair?

1. Bats, Rodents, And Bugs

Bats LOVE attics, crawlspaces, and nooks and crannies in broken roofs. If you leave even a tiny hole in your roof, eaves, soffit, fascia, or flashing, then a bat colony can quickly take up residence and fill your home with hazardous waste. And let’s not forget squirrels, mice, spiders, bees, hornets, roaches, and all other manners of creeping, crawling pests eager to gain entry into your home. Plus, most homeowners regularly spray insecticide around their rooms, doorways, and windows, but not everyone treats their roof and attic as well.

Leave a hole or other roof damage to fester, and you might as well roll out the red carpet for pests of all kinds.

2. Costly Water Damage

Most modern roofs contain weatherproofing flashing material underneath the shingles. Over time, shingles and flashing can become damaged or fall away due to inclement weather or just natural wear and tear. And damaged roofs can let water and moisture leak into your home, warping floorboards, spreading mold, and leaving foul odors throughout your home.

If you see warped wood or peeling paint, check for signs of mold, soggy insulation, or other signs of water damage. If you do find evidence of water leaking into your home, take immediate action to prevent permanent water damage to your home.

3. Don’t Let Reroofing Turn Into Roof Replacement

Procrastinating residential roof repair can allow your roof to fall into even worse shape. If wind, rain, or snow can enter in cracks or holes then the problem can go from bad to worse, and before you know it you’ll require an entirely new roof altogether.

Direct, fast residential roofing repair can extend the life of your home’s roof and avoid a costly roof replacement.

So if you notice any signs of damage, contact residential roofing contractors ASAP! Follow these three roof repair tips to ensure you always have a roof over your head.


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