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Hurricane preparedness guide, Hurricane protection for windows, Preparing for the hurricane

How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Prepare for a hurricane

There is a storm rolling in, how can we prepare for a hurricane? There are a lot of steps that you can take to get your home ready for such a storm. First of all, it is good to know that the Atlantic hurricane season is from June 1 through November 30, respectively, although most hurricanes take place during the fall. A lot can go into preparation for a hurricane. It is also good to know some of the characteristics of these storms. A hurricane can produce enough energy in one day to run the lights of Las Vegas for years. That seems crazy, but it is true. So what should you do? Well, you can start off by getting aluminum storm shutters to protect your windows. The fastest hurricane speed recorded was 200 mph, so you need to cover up the glass, even accordion storm shutters could be an option. A tropical storm is referred to as a hurricane once the winds get up to 74 mph, even though hurricane winds are typically faster. With winds at these speeds,hurricane shelters are a good way to protect yourself and your family. Hurricane generated waves are known to toss tons of fish onto beaches, and then the eyes of these fish tend to pop out because of the pressure changes that they suddenly go through. With all of these issues that can take place, how can we prepare for a hurricane? By having different types of storm shelters for your windows, creating a disaster preparedness list, and stocking up your storm shelter, you are taking steps in the right direction. More like this article.

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