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How to Keep Your Terrazzo Floor Looking Brand New

Terrazzo floors cleaning

Whether you are a longtime terrazzo fan or are just now learning about its many benefits, it’s important to make sure you care for your terrazzo floor and keep it looking as beautiful as it was the day you installed it.

Because terrazzo is made from marble chips embedded in cement, this surface has unique needs and requirements when it comes to cleaning. Knowing the right terrazzo floor cleaning techniques can help you get the most from your floor.

Here are the four best terrazzo floor cleaning tips you should know:

1. Use the right cleaning products. Terrazzo floors should never be cleaned with the same cleaning products you would use on any other flooring surface. Nor should you use vinegar, a popular natural cleaning product, because its high acidity can eat away at the floor and damage it. Most of the time, warm water is enough to clean your floor; there are terrazzo floor cleaning products available at most stores as well.

2. Be gentle. Unless you’ve spilled a sticky or hard-to-remove substance on your floor, you don’t need to use any harsh cleaning products or rough-textured cloths and sponges for terrazzo floor cleaning. The top coating that covers all terrazzo floors is moisture-resistant, meaning most spills can just be wiped away.

3. Keep it simple. Unless you have spilled something sticky on your floor, the only terrazzo floor cleaning you really need to do each week is sweeping and mopping with warm water. You’ll love the simplicity of maintaining a beautiful terrazzo floor.

4. Don’t avoid cleaning your floor. Just because terrazzo floors are low-maintenance doesn’t mean you should take a no-maintenance approach. Dirt and dust particles that accumulate on terrazzo and aren’t cleaned can scratch and damage the resin coating of your floor, dulling their shine. This is why regular terrazzo floor cleaning habits are necessary!

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