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Basic Guide To Industrial Wiring Devices

If you’re in the market for an electrical plug or connector, choosing the right one is vital to ensure a safe and effective connection. With so many different configurations available, it can’t be easy to know which one to choose. Fortunately, this video runs through the basics of electrical plugs and connectors, including the different types available and how to ensure you’re selecting the right one.

As with most electricity-related items, there are both male and female sides to every connection – the plug (or attachment plug) being the former and the connector (or cord connector) being the latter.

With so many different manufacturers producing electrical devices, it’s necessary to have some standards in place to avoid compatibility issues.

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This is where NEMA comes in, creating configuration standards based on style, voltage, number of phases, and amperage.

You should be aware of two types of NEMA plugs and connectors: heavy-duty and twist-to-lock heavy-duty, which offer a safe and secure connection. Regardless of the type you choose, be sure to adhere to the NEMA configuration and specifications.

By the time you’re done watching this video, you’ll have no trouble finding the right plug or connector for your needs!.

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