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How HVAC Repairs Are Usually Caused By a Lack of Proper Maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance

You’ll find an air conditioner in about two-thirds of homes. Many people mistakenly refer to it as an AC unit, yet its actually name is a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit. A machine that offers such a range of atmosphere-changing features requires a certain amount of yearly maintenance. With proper care, HVAC repairs do not need to turn into emergencies.

HVAC Repairs: What to Do Before Your Unit Shows Problems.

Unless you yourself are an HVAC technician, it is likely that the very idea of maintenance leaves you baffled. This is why it is imperative that you find a reliable technician to put your unit on a schedule. The added benefit is that unexpected breakdowns are less likely in a machine that is regularly examined.

Here’s What a Technician Will Do on Their Check Ups.

A few procedural terms the technician will throw at you might be as follows: blower motor to test amperage; calibrate thermostat; inspect and lubricate bearing; condensate drain with a flush and algae treatment; and a half a dozen other steps that won’t mean very much to you necessary, but will make a big difference to your HVAC unit if neglected. Should these steps not be taken, it might be a cold winter. HVAC technicians estimate that as many as 75% of no-heat problem calls come about because the homeowner was not making maintenance a priority.

HVAC Repairs: When Things Break Even With Regular Checks.

If a unit is being serviced on a regular basis, then problems will arise due to buildup. Each unit is comprised of filters, tubing, liquids, and other bits and pieces that are incapable of cleaning themselves. A jammed-up filter; worn tubing that tears; or a low level of necessary fluid can each cause a unit to work inefficiently at best, and break down at worst. For example, 20% to 40% of the total energy used can be sapped just by having a leak in one of the ducts.

When the weather turns hot, our air conditioners keep us comfortable in despite the heat. Winter chill is kept at bay with a reliable HVAC unit. But this can only happen if you take care of your unit. So set up an appointment today to have a technician take a look at your HVAC unit. Then, set up a schedule for regular checks. This simple action should keep your unit running properly for years to come.

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