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How Custom Home Designs Empower You to Design Your Life

Custom homes floor plans

When you invest in custom designed homes, you’re not just paying for a beautiful plot of land and a more energy efficient living space: you’re also paying for the chance to design your life to meet your tastes and requirements. Custom built homes are only limited by your vision, your budget and the capabilities of your builder.

So how should you design your life?

There are plenty of housing styles that make great custom dream homes. Ranch houses, which first became popular in California in the 1930s, are great homes for aging families who want to stay in their house as they get older. Floor plans are open and casual, and most ranch homes are one story for easy navigation. Decoration is usually minimalist, so ranch homes make great custom designed homes for people who prefer things a little more simple. Most ranch homes come with attached garages and flexible floor space as well.

The customer who’s drawn to minimalism but wants a little more space and sophistication might be interested in custom designed homes in contemporary or modern styles. Contemporary home design is one of the most popular styles in architecture today for it’s timeless simplicity and innovation. Modern homes are open and flexible and make great big luxury homes for people who aren’t looking for something rustic and traditional.

Colonial house plans are a little more classic, hailing from the designs preferred by colonial American settlers. Colonials come in a variety of styles, from New York’s Dutch colonials to Cape Cod houses and New England salt boxes. Colonials are usually easy to construct because of their square or rectangular footprints and symmetrical massing. Most colonials are two stories, with a front door that opens into a welcoming center hall.

And for people looking for extravagantly beautiful luxury homes, Victorian designs are a great option. Victorian homes are fanciful and romantic, featuring decorative porches, window bays, turrets and towers. Victorian floor plans are often rambling and creative because of the asymmetrical massing of the exteriors, which provide endless opportunities for customization.

Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects you and your family!

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