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Heating And Cooling Systems Why Efficiency Should Be A Priority

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Heating and cooling a home is something that nearly all Americans are worried about at one point or another. Whether or not your air conditioning services work properly can make or break the comfort level of your home; and a broken boiler can leave you without hot water for days if you don?t have a good contractor available. Your local HVAC technician can do more than you might think, especially if you?re vigilant about your system and its well-being.

How Important Are Heating And Cooling Systems, Really?

The fact is that two-thirds of all homes in the United States have an air conditioning unit. Of course, air conditioning isn?t simply about cooling your home, but heating it as well. As much as we might like to believe otherwise, not all heating and cooling services are as reliable as we would like to think. This doesn?t simply refer to the fact that all systems eventually need to be replaced, but how much money you spend on them in the meanwhile. It?s necessary for most people to have a heating and cooling system. What?s not necessary is that you have a system that consumes too much energy and in turn, too much of your money.

Do HVAC systems really use up too much energy?

The energy use of an HVAC system is often something that goes unnoticed. In the average American home, heating and cooling accounts for 48% of all energy use. The major issue about this energy use is not that it?s being used at all, but that it?s being used inefficiently, with the most negative impact possible on both your wallet and the environment. In fact, having a furnace with too little efficiency is technically illegal. Legally, the lowest efficiency allowed for new gas furnaces is 78%; however, some new models can reach up to 97% efficiency. Before having a new system installed, it?s vital to ask your local HVAC technician about its efficiency level.

Why Should I Have My HVAC System Replaced?

You may be hesitant to replace your heating and cooling system before it?s completely broken. It?s true that a replacement costs money, and an air conditioning repair may be easier to stomach than a replacement. However, switching to a high-efficiency air conditioner can, when done along with other actions, reduce your energy use for air conditioning by 20 to 50%. When having your air conditioning unit inspected, ask your local HVAC technician about what other services his or her company offers. Many HVAC companies offer services for boiler issues as well. This way, your house?s temperature can be efficiently regulated in terms of not only air but water as well. Working with a single company can also save you money and time.

No matter what issues you have with your heating and cooling system, it pays to stay on top of them and have them mended as quickly as possible. You don?t have to ? and shouldn?t ? wait until the last minute.

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