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Does Your Home Have a Cracked Foundation? Contact Your Local Residential Foundation Repair Company for an Inspection

When homes exist in an area that experiences heavy weather conditions, they may need repairing or restoring over time. A house’s foundation, for example, may become cracked or subjected to water or other types of damage. If flooding occurs, excess moisture can be a considerable concern. Mold and bacteria, for example, can proliferate where there’s standing water that can seep into the walls.

The Importance of Knowing Soil Types

When constructing a new home or renovating an older one, it’s important to have an expert soil analysis conducted. Throughout Texas, for instance, there are 60 different types of soil. In some areas, clay-rich soils predominate, while in others, there may be a considerable amount of limestone and shale deposits. These deposits may prove to be problematic when excavating to construct or repair a home’s foundation.

Different Types of Home Foundations

Just as home foundations differ in other parts of the country, the same holds true in Texas. Most of the houses that were built up to 50 years ago, however, have slab foundations. After slab foundations, pier and beam foundations are common. These foundations are composed of joists that tend to be spaced 18 inches apart. In some instances, beams might be as far as 12 feet apart. The subfloors which support the house are usually composed of at least one-half inch of plywood. There are variations, of course.

Learn More About Residential Foundation Repair

If you’ve experienced flooding or other issues that have damaged your home’s foundation, contact a residential foundation repair company for an inspection. Given your local company’s experience, their staff will be able to determine how best to proceed. Furthermore, during their inspection, they my also discover potential issues that need to be addressed to avoid future damage. This may include the need to control moisture and provide drainage solutions.

Since you want your home to be safe, secure, and comfortable, having a strong foundation is crucial. When you have your foundation inspected and repaired, it may be time to attend to other aspects of your home. This might include repairing and/or replacing your roof and siding as well as installing double-paned windows and sturdy, weather-proofed doors. If you have any drafts throughout your house, it’s a good idea to take care of those as well as ensure that your attic is sufficiently insulated.

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