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Custom Wall Decals Are a Great Way to Add Personality to a Space

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It should be spring.

The calendar says so.

Why is it then that one week into Spring it is still so cold and wet. You are anxious to be spending more time out. You do not need to be planting in the garden or anything crazy yet, but you would like to be outside without having to wear a heavy coat and having to carry an umbrella. And yet her you are stuck in the house again. And while you would rather be working on some outside projects, the fact of the matter is you are still stuck inside. In one last attempt to ignore the weather that refuses to change you have decided to tackle the kids’ bedrooms. They are at school. You are stuck in the house. And you are hoping to make the most of this day.

Attempting to use the wall decals with animals that you purchased several months ago you hope to create a whole new space by the end of this rainy and cold day.

Finding the Right Wall Decals with Animals Can Help You Create a Plan for an Entire Room
Whether you are looking for wall decals of trees or custom wall decals that spell out a name or favorite quote, you can create a very unique space for a child’s bedroom or for a family entertainment area. And while there was a time when many people went for hand painted murals, it is far more common today for rooms to be decorated with stenciled letters and words, as well as custom pictures. In addition to a very clean look, another advantage to these wall stencils is that when they are removed the walls often do not need to be repainted.

It may come as no surprise that Americans are not only bored with their home interior choices on cold and rainy spring days. In fact, a HomeGoods survey indicated that just 20% of Americans report that they are happy with their home decor. And while it may seem a novel idea that so many people show a real interest in customizing their spaces at home, the fact of the matter is interest in the modern DIY movement first started increasing as far back as 2008, according to Google Trends data. And while some people are constantly making changes to their homes, another study from HomeGoods indicated that 47% of Americans have not updated their decor in at least five years.

What are you doing on this cold, not quite spring like day? Instead of complaining about the weather, maybe you can use this day to start a painting or remodeling project that you have been thinking about. With some quality wall decals with animals you can transform a dull play room into an island, a cave, or a forrest adventure.

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