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Choosing the Right Cabinet and Door Hardware and Accessories

The process of making a house a home involves reflecting your style with careful selection of paint colors, furniture, appliances, lighting, and other decorative items. With all these major considerations, it’s easy to miss the power of tiny details, that go a long way to amplify the look on your space. Choosing the right door and cabinet hardware and accessories is a detail that is easily overlooked. And if you’re an architect or a contractor, keeping attention to small details might be what the client is looking for.

When careful picked, door and cabinet hardware — from knobs, and pulls to latches and lazy susan hardware, can offer a strong visual appeal to your cabinetry, drawers, and doors. Small but mighty enough to either make or break the look and feel of a space in an effortless way.

Stylish, Functional Door and Cabinet Hardware and Accessories

Having quality cabinet hardware is also necessary considering the number of times it’s used to access storage spaces throughout the day, it translates to a worthy investment in addition to offering aesthetic benefits. Cabinet hardware craftsmanship has grown over the years to adapt to contemporary house settings with a range of styles such as angular, ornate and intricate knobs, pulls, and hinges.

There are different types of cabinet hardware serving different functions: Knobs and pulls are handles mounted to the exterior of cabinets, doors and drawers, and secured with screws and bolts. Cabinet drawer slides, hinges, catches, latches are attachments for securing and facilitating the opening and closing of cabinet doors and drawers.

Each type is designed with utmost accuracy to fit both standard and custom doors and can be replaced to suit changing needs and styles for even more purpose and personality. Lazy Susan hardware, for example, is an effective attachment that helps to make items more accessible in a turntable by just a simple rotation. Heavy-duty drawer slides with full extension capacity and self-closing ability can make a great addition to your drawers.

There are many other different types of hardware that offer innovative and practical solutions ideal for modern home living. They help to maximize space — in your kitchen, bathroom, storage and pantry, and even your closet.

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